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A Guide To Pillow Sizes

December 30, 2016

In order to get the very best night’s sleep there are several things that you must have. The first, of course, is a bedroom you feel comfortable in. The second is bedding that is cozy and soft, and the third is the right pillows. Whether you prefer to sleep on something cushy and soft or you need a pillow that is firm and supports your head and neck fully, Warm Things can help you to find the right type of pillow as well as the right size pillow for you.

Pick the Right Pillow For You

Picking a pillow is like picking out a new outfit. You have your own personal style and choice in the matter. You get to choose whether you prefer a solitary pillow or several of them, whether it is thick or lean and what comes inside of it. All of the decisions are based on your personal preferences. So what do you like? We’ve talked in the past about how the position you sleep in normally can play a huge role in what sort of pillow you need to be sleeping on. Back sleepers need a medium firmness to their pillows while stomach sleepers need a softer pillow. Additionally, those who sleep on their sides need a pillow that is relatively firm. You also need to think about what size pillow will work best for you too. So let’s tackle that.

Pillow Sizes Examined

Standard: A standard sized pillow measures 20 x 26 inches. Most often when people purchase standard sized pillows they put one on a Twin bed, two on a Full or Queen sized bed or three on a King bed.
Queen: While the same number of pillows are used for each size bed as Standard pillows, Queen pillows (20 x 30 inches) often look better on the bed as they fill out pillow shams and cases better. If you prefer to have a pillow that is bigger, this may be a better choice than the run-of-the-mill standard pillow.
King: A King sized pillow is 20 x 36 inches and are typically just used on King size beds. These pillows are extra long so that they can fit on your bed without there being too much empty space.

How Can A Pillow Get You The Sleep You Want?

Just as with most other things you spend money on, the higher quality a pillow is, the more likely it is that you will be able to get a good night’s sleep. On the other hand, if you are buying pillows that cost very little, your quality of sleep will not be as good. When you shop at Warm Things, we have a large selection of well-made down pillows, down alternative pillows, body pillows, as well as pillow inserts to improve your quality of sleep and help you get a great nights rest. Stop making up reasons as to why you can’t seem to get a solid night of sleep. The problem is likely your pillows, so find a solution by shopping at Warm Things for pillows that will make every night a dream come true.

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