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Baffle Box vs. Sewn Through Construction Comforters

August 30, 2016

When most people are in the market for a new comforter for their bed, they often only make their decision based on how a certain comforter looks. While it is important to like the way your bedding will look in cohesion with the rest of your bedroom, there are other things you should be taking into consideration. The most important thing to understand when you are buying a new comforter is that there are two ways comforters are constructed. They can either be made with baffle box construction or sewn through construction.

Baffle Box

When a duvet is made with baffle box construction this means that there have been thin strips of material sewn between the top and the bottom cover. This is done in a checkered pattern in order to keep an even amount of down distributed throughout the comforter. This is the ideal construction, and while they tend to be a bit more expensive than the alternative, they are also likely to last you a lot longer.

Box Stitch Construction

On the other hand, box stitch construction is not sewn in small strips but rather (as the name suggests) in box shapes. These boxes are meant to perform the same just as the strips in baffle box construction. However, this construction creates "cold spots" where the stitching of each box is sealed, making it more difficult to regulate ones temperature through the night. Overall, if you truly want to invest in a new comforter, we would suggest purchasing one made with baffle box construction. You can find a large selection of these kind of comforters at Warm Things. Start shopping right now!

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