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Caring For Your Bedding The Right Way - Part 2

December 10, 2016

In our last post, we began telling you about the different ways you can take care of your linens so that you can make them last for years to come. While we have already covered the methods by which you should wash and dry your bedding, there is much more that goes into making it last. Continue reading below to find out how to protect, fold and store your bedding, as well as how to know when it’s time to replace your linens.

Protecting Your Bedding

If you want to avoid dust mites (and who doesn’t?), you can purchase a bedding protector to help eliminate these critters and also prolong the life of your duvet and sheets. Additionally, you may want to consider making your bedroom a “no pet zone” to avoid your bed becoming filled with fur and skin cells that feed dust mites.

Folding and Storing

You likely have several sets of sheets for different seasons and for when you need to replace them at a moment’s notice. When you store them, makes sure you do so in a closet or trunk that stays cool and dry. Also, never begin folding your sheets until they completely dry to avoid molding or mildewing.

Replacing Your Linens

Sometimes, no matter how well you have treated your linens over the years, they have to be replaced. When you begin to notice fraying or staining, it’s time to start shopping for new bedding. Lucky for you, Warm Things has a large selection of sheets, pillows, duvets and more in our online store! Start shopping now!

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