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Curl Up with Flannel Sheets This Fall

December 01, 2016

Everybody loves a good set of sheets, and some of the best sheets for the fall and winter are flannel sheets! Unfortunately, many people have never even slept in a bed with flannel sheets, and our bedding company wants to do something about this! Let’s explore the reasons why flannel sheets are so awesome:

Their Fuzziness is Extra Comforting on a Cold Night

What’s so great about flannel sheets? That soft, fuzzy texture feels so warm and comforting on the chilliest nights! Our home bedding store features flannel sheets that are brushed repeatedly on both sides, ensuring the a velvety smoothness.

The Sheets Feel Warm as Soon as You Get Into Bed

Have you ever jumped into bed on a really cold night and been shocked by how cool the sheets feel at first? This will not happen when you jump into a bed with flannel sheets! Flannel sheets will continue to be the go to sheets for colder weather for this reason alone. Unless you live in a tropical climate, you probably want to buy flannel sheets now. What should you look for? We always recommend high quality flannel sheets that combine softness with durability. It’s important to select a flannel sheet set that holds up after repeated washings, which is why we recommend our online linen store’s flannel sheet set. Our super soft flannel sheets are made from 5.6 oz flannel, which makes for a sturdy sheet set. Are you ready to sleep in some flannel sheets? Shop our home bedding store today!

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