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Hungarian Goose Down Pillows

October 26, 2016

Although Hungarian Goose down pillows are considered by many to be the highest quality and most luxurious pillows on the market, many people have not heard about them. What exactly makes these down bed pillows so great?

It’s All in the Feather Clusters

Hungarian goose down clusters are larger than traditional goose clusters, which are generally about the size of a quarter. Larger clusters mean a higher fill power rating, which reflects the quality of the fill.

What Do You Mean by Fill Power?

When we discuss the fill power of a pillow, we are referencing the number of cubic inches per ounce down clusters fill. Similar to a sheet’s thread count, the higher the fill power, the better quality the pillow. Our Hungarian goose down pillows have a 700 fill power, so they are exceptionally supportive, soft, and high quality.

High Thread Count

Not only do our Hungarian goose down pillows feature a high fill power, they also have a high thread count of 390. Adding a satiny softness to the exterior of the pillows, the high thread count adds to the overall luxuriousness of these fluffy, warm pillows.

Our Hungarian goose down pillows combine warmth and softness with durability and support. What more could you ask for? These are some of the best bed pillows on the market, so check them out today! Shop our online bedding store today, while we still feature our fantastic sale on all of our down pillows! Get your Hungarian Goose down pillows for almost half the price!

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