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Last Chance For Holiday Bedding Savings!

April 13, 2017

Well you’ve gone through the whole song and dance of the holidays. Whether you spent the last week in your own home, sitting around the kitchen table playing cards with your parents, or you were surrounded by a large group of friends as you feasted on turkey or ham, you likely had to exchange a present or two. However, even the most prepared of us have one or two people on our list for whom we still haven't found the perfect holiday present this year. While this is something that happens to almost all of us, you should probably get to it! After all, the longer you wait to deliver that present, the longer the excuse you must make up will also be. Warm Things still has a large collection of bedding products that are on sale in our online store. Let’s talk about a few of the great things you could still buy for that someone who is nearly impossible to buy for.

Buying For The Homebody

If you know a homebody who is hard to shop for, it’s often super difficult to find them the perfect present during the holidays. This is normally because they already have everything they need to have a cozy night on the couch. However, what happens when they have to get up to answer the door where the pizza delivery man is waiting? Especially during the winter months, opening that door is going to make your bundled-up pal a little chilly. That’s why the Warm Things Down Booties are the perfect gift for them. They can avoid cold floors and cold toes anytime they are opting to take a night off from being out and about.

Buying For The Homemaker

If your buddy is someone who loves to spend all their time in the kitchen, cooking up a storm and waiting for friends to arrive for yet another gathering, we have the perfect gift. Chances are that they already have everything they need to make the amazing food that is always being served. But hosts and hostesses alike love to make their guests happy in any way they can. That’s why this 100 Percent Cotton Thermal Blanket will make a great addition to their home. Believe us, they are sure to love it!

Buying For The New Parent

While buying for adults can be very difficult, buying for adults who have recently had a child allows you to buy a myriad of things. However, we know this can be extremely overwhelming! If you have been conflicted about what to buy new parents, we can help you with that as well. We would suggest that you purchase the SoSoft 3 Pack Baby Blanket Gift Set. With three extremely soft baby blankets, all contained in an adorable white woven basket, the parents and their child will all fall in love with this gift.

Hurry Before It’s Too Late!

If you are still trying to find a holiday gift for someone who is special to you, do so while you’re still able to save money on it. Shop Warm Things today and find precisely what you are looking for!

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