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Preparing For Overnight Guests This Holiday Season

January 04, 2017

While the majority of people love having overnight guests during the holidays, they probably also feel a bit overwhelmed the closer they get to the date their guest will be arriving. You see, as much as we adore having those we love staying in our homes, we also know all of the preparation that goes into having people in our house for an extended period of time. There is no need to fret this year, however, as we are going to tell you the best way to prepare for those holiday visitors who will be occupying your guest rooms.

Provide A Nightstand With A Light On It

While you may be able to navigate your entire home in the dark, you don’t want your guests bumping into furniture after they turn out the lights for the night. Placing a nightstand next to the bed with a lamp on it will allow your guest to get comfortably in bed and then switch off the lights when they are ready for bed.

Always Have Extra Toiletries

Chances are, your guests are going to forget something they meant to pack. The most common things that people don’t remember to bring with them on trips are toiletries. Make sure you have extra toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap and anything else you think your guest will need but may not have thought to bring with them.

Excess Towels Are A Must

Make sure that your guest bathroom is brimming with towels and washcloths for those staying with you to use. There’s nothing quite as awkward as having to hand your Great Uncle Milton a towel through the crack in the door, so plan ahead by stocking the space with plenty of towels.

Prepare For People Of All Temperatures

We all run at different temperatures from day to day. This means to properly prepare for your guests, you need to give them the option to warm themselves up or cool themselves down. Putting a fan in your guest room is a great way to ensure that if a guest get too hot in the middle of the night that they can remedy it. On the other hand, make sure your guest bedroom also has several extra blankets in it so that if your guest gets too cold they can bundle up.

Have A Ton Of Great Bedding

While you may think that two pillows and a blanket will suffice for anyone sleeping in your guest bedroom, think again. Part of being a great host is anticipating the needs of those who are going to be staying in your home, even needs that they may never actually have. Place several quality pillows on the bed, as you have no idea how many your guest normally sleeps with when they are in their own home. Additionally, use your fancy sheets and comforter so that you make your guest feel special and also get a good night’s sleep. It may also be a good idea to inform them of where the linen closet is, in case they need anything else that you may have forgotten. Shop for the best guest bedroom linens and pillows in the Warm Things online store today and start prepping your home for holiday guests in no time.

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