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Putting Together a Minimalist Bedroom

December 06, 2016

You’ve undoubtedly heard the saying “less is more”, and these days many people are putting this idea into effect when it comes to their bedrooms. The minimalist bedroom is one of the most popular trends of 2016. You may be wondering how having a limited number of belongings in your bedroom could be cozy. After all, having photos of every person you went to college with and numerous pieces of furniture makes you feel safe and comfortable. However, the minimalist style can make it so that sleep is much easier to obtain. After all, without all the distractions surrounding you, you are far more like to drift into sleep as soon as your head hits the pillow. So how do you make your bedroom a minimalist sanctuary?

Start with a Clean Slate

When it comes to bedding, we cannot emphasize the difference having clean crisp white sheets and blankets will do for your mental state. Waking up in a sea of white, that is reflecting the light of the morning sun coming through the window, you will feel as though every single day is a fresh start. Our 300 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets would be a great place to start when you begin working towards designing your elegant new space.

Emphasize Lighting & Whitespace

One of the key features to a minimalist bedroom is making the room as a whole feel light and open. This means leaving empty walls empty. Adding a good number of light fixtures will be the cherry on the top of a stylish, yet surprisingly simple bedroom design. As we mentioned before, your bedding should be the first place your start when you are planning to go minimalist. Shop Warm Things Online selection of sheets, duvets, throw pillows and more, and begin making your home a more serene space.

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