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Slippers to Warm Your Feet

November 26, 2016

As the temperatures continue to drop in the fall season and into winter, people stop walking around the house barefoot and put on their comfiest pair of slippers. Warm Things lives up to its name because we sell linens to keep you warm as well as slippers to keep your feet nice and toasty! Our online linen store features a wide selection of sheepskin slippers for both men and women, and we would like to highlight some of our favorites:

Warm Things Down Booties
No only do we sell down blankets, comforters, and pillows, but we also sell down slippers as well! These luxurious slippers are just as soft and warm as your favorite down comforter! Available for both women and men, these are crowd pleasers!

The Tamarac by Slippers International Women’s Fluff Slipper
These fabulous slippers feature sheepskin fleece lining and memory foam cushioning, making it feel as if you are walking on clouds! These slip- on style slippers have rubber soles, so you can wear them both inside and outside.

The Tamarac by Slippers International Men’s Irish Clog Slipper
These suede slippers feature a soft fuzzy Berber lining lining and memory foam cushioning, which is perfect for men after a hard day of work. These slippers are equipped with rubber soles for padding around indoors or outdoors.

The Tamarac by Slippers International Men’s Highlander Shearling Slipper
This genuine suede slipper features a cozy combination of shearling, wool lining, and memory foam. These slippers feature soles durable enough for lounging around the house or walking to the mailbox. Are your feet ready for colder weather? Check out our bedding company’s selection of comfy slippers today!

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