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Storing Your Bedding 101

December 06, 2016

You love your down comforter and you want to make sure it lasts you for years to come. While it does spend the majority of its life enclosed in a duvet cover, or at least we hope it does, there are several steps you can take to make sure that your comforter remains in good shape, even in the months you are not using it. The same idea applies to your decorative pillows, quilts, and sheets. Find out how to store and care for your seasonal bedding below!

If It’s A Big Job, Go To The Professionals

If you want to make sure your down comforter comes out of the cleaning process without becoming damaged, your best best is taking it to your local dry cleaners to have them professionally laundered. Washing at home is often difficult due to the size of your washer and dryer, and often times people burn out their motor attempting to wash their heavy soaking wet down comfoter. Not to mention, if your comforter is not cleaned properly, you can be sure that the feathers inside will clump up. This means people often times don't dry their comforters long enough for the moisture inside to fully dried. Considering one must never use heat, in either the washing or drying process, cleaning down comforters are typically an all day event.

Handle The Small Jobs On Your Own

When it comes to cleaning your duvet cover, sheets and quilts, you can absolutely clean these in your own home. For delicate bedding, like a handmade blanket, be sure to hand wash. You wouldn’t want the power of your washer and dryer to ruin a family heirloom.

Cool & Dry Regardless Of Season

You would never want your bedding to mildew or mold. In order to avoid this while you are storing blankets and sheets during the off season, make sure you always keep your bedding in a cool and dry place. This will keep them looking and smelling great. If your seasonal bedding needs to be replaced, make sure you shop the great collection of affordable bedding and more at Warm Things!

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