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Washing Your Pillows: Are You Doing It Wrong?

January 25, 2017

There are certain things people become pretty hesitant about when it comes to washing and drying. Without a doubt, there are certain things that can render very undesirable results should a single detail not go the way it should. One of these things is washing pillows. For some reason, people have all had one experience that did not turn out well and therefore, they avoid doing so in the future. The truth is, we all could have avoided ruining our favorite pillow, had we simply sought out tried and true method. The good news? We know how you can do it, and since you found this blog post, so will you, very soon.

You can wash down and feather pillows easily

There are plenty of rules when it comes to washing your most preferred pillows, but once you get them down, you won’t ever have to worry about them again.

The first thing you want to remember is quantity

When you are washing your pillows you should always wash two pillows at one time. This will help to keep the washer balanced when it is in the spin cycle. This will prevent your washing machine from rocking and causing a ruckus.

The second thing you want to remember is the temperature of the water

While you may think you can use whichever temperature water you like, as we often do while washing our weekly laundry. After all, does it really make a difference when you’re choosing between warm and hot? While it may be easier if that were true, unfortunately, carelessness won’t pay off when it comes to washing your pillows. You run the risk of pillows shrinking or deteriorating quickly if you use warm or hot water. Therefore, always check washing instructions on your pillow tags.

The third thing you want to remember is spin speed

You may wash your clothes while being in no hurry at all. But when it comes to pillows, make sure you crank up the cycle speed to the highest level. When you do this, it allows the machine to remove as much water from the pillows before the wash cycle is over, which will speed up overall drying time.

The fourth thing you want to remember is to rinse...a bit more

Pillows are a lot thicker than your average shirt or even towel. This is why it is very important that you add an extra rinse to your washing cycle. This will ensure that any excess soap that is still present after the initial rinse is removed from the material. If it isn’t removed, you may experience some itching after sleeping on them, because of the soap still present in your pillows and the contact you have with them every night.

The fifth thing you want to remember is to use the right soap

Along with soap being present in a pillow after being washed, comes making sure you pick detergent that will not only prevent your skin from becoming irritated, but that it also does a thorough job of cleaning. Pillows can get dirty, and fast. So ensure that you clean them well and right!

The sixth thing you want to remember is to use no heat when drying

Prepare for the drying process to take about four hours on the account of being done on "air fluff". Using heat on down pillows will cause the pillow loose its loft quickly. To ensure you get the most support and life out of your pillow make sure to use no heat anywhere in the washing or drying process. Also, always make sure to never use bleach when washing your pillows as that is a surefire way to ruin them. Check back to Warm Things Online for more tips or to find the perfect new pillows for you!

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