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What to Look for in Down Alternative Comforters

November 28, 2016

Our home bedding store is widely known for our fabulous down linens, including comforters and pillows, but down comforters are not for everyone. Perhaps your allergies prevent you from purchasing down comforters, but they should not keep you from finding comfortable, high quality comforters. Let’s discuss the qualities to look for when purchasing a down alternative comforter.


Depending upon the climate you live in and the time of year, you may or may not need a heavier duty comforter. What kind of temperature do you sleep in? If you sleep in cooler temperatures, then you will need a heavier weight comforter than if you sleep in warmer temperatures.


What kind of fill is used in your comforter? Different fills create different levels of comfort, and you obviously want the coziest comforter available. Fortunately, many synthetic fibers on the market today create fills that feel as wonderful as down, such as the Duraloft we use in our heavy weight down alternative comforter.

Thread Count

The thread count refers to the amount of threads per square inch, so the higher the thread count, the softer the fabric. Our bedding company uses only high quality fabrics, with our lowest thread counts starting at 300. Our Duraloft heavy weight down alternative comforter has an even higher thread count of 500.


We cover our down alternative comforters in a variety of different fabrics, such as damask and seersucker. Damask is a shinier type of fabric, and seersucker is a puckered type of fabric. Check out our sheets and comforters today to find your perfect bedroom linens!

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