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What’s With Featherbeds & Do You Need One?

January 24, 2017

We try to tell people all the time that their bed could be better than it currently is, but they don’t often like to hear that. It’s not that we mean to offend, or be condescending, we just know bedding, well. As we mentioned, however, people tend to be pretty protective of their beds. Who knows why? Maybe because we spend so much in them, or maybe it’s because we automatically associate the pure joy of sleep with any thought or conversation revolving around our own personal slumber chamber. Whatever the reason, believe us, we know you love your bed. You love the sheets that you bought last month that were half price and twice as comfortable as your old ones. You love the many pillows, all of which are just the right amount of firm for your preference. You love your comforter, it keeps you at the optimal temperature to get the perfect quality of sleep night in and night out. However, is there a way you could step up your sleep experience? We may be to blame for a future addiction of yours, but we have to tell you about the featherbed. A featherbed is a mattress topper that gives your bed an extra bit cushion to allow you to get the best night of sleep you possibly can. You know your goose down comforter that you absolutely love sleeping under each night? Okay, well a featherbed is basically a thicker version of that comforter that you sleep on top of, instead of beneath.

What is a featherbed?

In almost all cases, a featherbed is a material enclosure that is filled with high-quality feathers and is placed on top of the mattress on the bed. This pad allows that there is more support for the body, which does not enhance any discomfort issues people experience due to injuries or pressure points on a person’s body. Overall, the featherbed is meant to increase relaxation in the body as it rests.

Not one for a soft mattress?

While we know that some people are huge fans of sleeping on extremely soft mattresses, we do realize this is not the case for everyone. However, even if you are someone who prefers a harder mattress, there is absolutely no reason to not have a featherbed at least available in your home for when guests come over to stay the night. You know your mother can’t make it one night at your house without complaining about how the hard mattress in your guest room kills her back? Well now you don’t have to worry about it! You can be sure that no matter who is sleeping on your featherbed, they will be absolutely rested when they wake up in the morning,

You can find your new featherbed at Warm Things Online

Never settle for less than optimal comfort and relaxation. You can shop online at Warm Things and find out which of our featherbeds would work best for you (or for your particular family members). We know your year will be made better for it!

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