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Why Choose Down PIllows?

October 20, 2016

While our bedding store is having a 40 percent off sale on all down pillows, we thought that we would take some time today to explore the topic of down pillows.

Why Choose Down Bed Pillows?

Although traditional feather pillows are sturdy, their quills can poke you, which makes for a difficult night’s sleep. However, down pillows are higher quality, fluffier, and they do not have quills to poke you. Additionally, down pillows are very durable, long lasting, soft, warm, and cozy.

Down Feathers
When you think of feathers, you might be picturing a larger feather, but goose down feathers are actually smaller than a quarter. Some down pillows feature duck feathers as well, which also use the small, soft feathers of the undercoat of ducks.

Down Fill Power
Fill power refers to how many cubic inches of space an ounce of down clusters fill. Higher fill power means there are larger clusters, making for a firmer pillow. But don't worry if you prefer a soft squishy pillow, but want a high fill power. We have the ability to to make multiple firmness for our down pillows in every fill power. Generally, the higher number the fill power, the better quality the pillow.

Hungarian Goose Down Pillows
Hungarian goose down pillows are considered to be some of the highest quality luxury down pillows on the market. Our Hungarian goose down pillows have a 700 fill power for unmatched support combined with a fabulously soft texture.

Thread Count
The thread count of a down pillow refers to the threads per inch. The higher the thread count, the sturdier the cotton. All of our down pillows are made with a soft down-proof 100% cotton shell. People love our down bed pillows, so check out our selection to buy your down pillows today!

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