August 05, 2019

Finding the right comforter is much like buying the right pair of shoes, you want to make sure it’s the right fit for your needs and personality. A comforter is of similar design to a quilt or blanket, however one thing that sets them apart is that they’re made with an insulating filler material. Generally, this will include either cotton, wool, polyester, or down.

While there are a variety of choices available, if you’re looking for the highest quality, down is the way to go! Right now, at Warm Things, we have extended our sale and you can save 50% on select down comforters! So, what makes down the best and what are some of the top things to consider when buying a comforter?


What makes down a top contender?

Down is a natural and lightweight fill that provides consistent temperature control year-round. Unlike other materials, a down comforter can be used both in summer and winter because of its natural properties. It provides balanced temperature control whereas synthetic fills cannot.


How do I know which comforter to purchase?

In order to decide on the best comforter, you need to analyze your unique sleep environment. Each person is different and matching the comforter weight to the warmth of your bedroom is key in selecting the proper product. At Warm Things we have simplified the process for you by dividing our comforters into levels based on bedroom temperature and the type of sleeper you are.


It’s what’s on the inside that counts

When talking about comforters, you’ll often hear the term “fill power” and “fill weight.” Fill power is a measurement of fluffiness, while fill weight refers to the number of ounces of down inside a comforter. When shopping around, here are some numbers to consider:

  • Lightweight or for summer use: 400 or below
  • Any time of year: 400 to 600
  • In cooler weather or if you get easily cold at night: 600 to 800
  • When you’re looking for extra warmth: 800 and up

A higher fill power will give you a lighter, fluffier comforter. Generally, down with a high fill power will have a lower fill weight. When the two forces come together, a warmth level is determined.  


What down comforter should I buy?

If you are someone who lives in a warmer climate, we recommend a lightweight comforter such as our Monterey Light Weight White Down 400 Thread Count Comforter (Level 1). For cooler temperatures, the Sierra Heavy Weight White Down 400 Thread Count Comforter (Level 3) is a great option. If you are in search of a comforter for year-round use, consider the Tahoe Medium Weight White Down 400 Thread Count Comforter (Level 2). Regardless of what you decide, one thing that is guaranteed is a good night’s sleep!


While there are several things to consider when choosing a down comforter, knowing yourself as a sleeper is the most important. This sale won’t last long so start shopping today by visiting

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