AllerSoft Cotton Dust Mite & Allergy Control Pillow Encasement

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  • AllerSoft Allergen Control Luxury Bedding
  • Lets Air Flow, But Keeps Out Dustmites and Allergens
  • Protects Pillows So They Last Longer
  • Zipper Closure - 1 per package
  • Made in USA of 100% cotton, certified allergen barrier material

Create an allergy free sleep environment and stop dust mite infestations with this dust mite barrier pillow protector. The revolutionary technology in the construction of the AllerSoft Cotton fabric allows for total breathability with the feel of the finest cotton linen while proviing the ultimate in dust mite relief and protection. Made of 100% cotton; all materials are certified allergen barriers. Machine wash and dry up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Can also be hung to dry. Cover must be completely dry before putting on pillow. Made in the USA.

Level 1
Soft - good for Stomach Sleepers

Level 2
Soft/Medium - good for stomach or back sleepers

Level 3
Medium/Firm - good for back or side sleepers

Level 4
Extra-Firm - good for side sleepers and those who need extra support

Stomach sleepers tend to prefer softer pillows that will give support without being too thick. Back sleepers need a pillow that will support and conform to their head and neck. Side sleepers tend to enjoy a denser, thicker pillow to keep their neck in line while cradling their head. For those who change sleeping positions throughout the night, we recommend level 2 or 3.

Material cotton
Thread Count 280
Manufacturer AllerSoft
Product Type Pillows

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