September 16, 2019

Now that the temperatures are dropping, nothing is better than snuggling into bed underneath a cozy and fluffy duvet – a plush comforter insert covered by a thin, removable cloth. Duvets are making strides against their rival, comforters, due to their ability to give you the option to build your blanket the way you like it. You can create your own duvet by choosing its filling, the construction, and also its pattern and design. Not only will it look beautiful, it’s easy to wash and change, making it a top contender for your bedding needs.



Duvets are fun because you can mix and match the outer shell easily, but the comfort of them comes down to what’s inside. There are several material options, including down, feather, wool, or synthetic. The one you decide will really depend on coziness and budget.

  • Down Filling: Depending on the fill power, down duvets are light and fluffy, making them extremely comfortable. Fill power measures the size of the down clusters, with 600 being on the lower end and 800 on the high. The higher fill power you choose, the softer it will be.
  • Alternative Filling: If you’re allergic to down or just want a cheaper option, there are plenty of alternative fillings that are just as comfy. Down alternatives are filled with synthetic and natural fibers that are generally hypoallergenic and mimic the fluffiness of down filling.



Duvets are constructed is a variety of ways. Each type differs when it comes to comfort, price, and warmth.

  • Sewn-Through: This pattern is great for longevity, with seams that run all the way through the duvet, giving it a durable finish. It is also lighter, making it more cost efficient and great for warmer climates.
  • Baffle: This type of duvet uses strips of fabric to form soft pockets to keep the down in place. Baffle is a bit pricier than sewn-through but it’s also the warmest duvet type on the market.
  • Box: Produced in a checkerboard design, this construction style creates boxes to hold the filling. This is also the most common and purchased option.
  • Channel: While the above choices work to keep the down in place, channel does the opposite. For those who like to keep certain parts of their body warmer or cooler, this design allows the filling to shift with seams that run parallel from end to end.



We love duvets for the variety of colors and designs on the market. Duvet covers are the easiest way to change up the look of your bedroom, add a pop of color, or make a statement with a bold look. At Warm Things we have duvet covers in an array of fabric types, color schemes, and even have exclusive patterns that can’t be found anywhere else! Whatever your personality type and preference style, you will be sure to find something to meet the needs of every sleeper. You can check out our duvet cover collection by visiting us online at

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