Choosing a Comforter

How to Choose a Down Comforter:

 Warm Things has been designing and crafting down comforters for 50 years. Our down is carefully selected then washed multiple times to reduce allergy-causing impurities, so it's hypoallergenic. This cleaning process costs more, but we want our comforters to have the very best.

Choosing the right down comforter for your needs can be a bit confusing due to the wide variety of styles and prices. Below you can find some helpful advice to choose the best comforter for the best night's sleep.

To make choosing a down comforter easier, consider these questions:
  • Are you a warm sleeper or a cold sleeper?
  • Is your bedroom warm or drafty? What is the average temperature?
  • What is your climate? Will you use your comforter year-round or seasonally?

Choose a Warmth Level

  • Line up the temperature of your bedroom with how you usually feel while you are sleeping. Where the two meet is the warmth level that you should choose.
Level 2

Suitable for warm sleepers in a warm-medium temperature room.

Level 3
Recommended for year round comfort for average warmth for most people.

Level 4

Provides ultimate warmth for cold sleepers in cold climates or normal sleepers in very cold bedrooms.

Unsure of the exact warmth level?If you are still unsure which comforter or pillow is right for you, we suggest you choose the lower of the two warmth levels that most closely match your sleep habits. Feel free to call us at 415-472-2154 for additional help.

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