About Us

Thank You... for choosing Warm Things.

"One summer afternoon in 1973 after investing in sewing machines, bolts of fabric and down, Warm Things was born in a dilapidated house in Berkeley, California. At the time, most Americans had never heard of down quilts and therefore never felt as though they were sleeping under a cloud.

Later, Warm Things moved 10 miles from Berkeley to Novato into a house where they continued making down quilts out of a garage. Soon, there was almost more business than they could handle. When UPS came to pick up orders they would open the garage door and down would quite literally come tumbling out. As their business grew, so did the variety of their products. Soon they were turning out down pillows, sheet sets and duvet covers. Eventually, they branched out from their mail-order only business and opened successful stores in Marin County and then later in San Francisco, Oakland and Palo Alto.

To this day, Warm Things remains a family owned business, and seeks to provide the public with high quality bed products at reasonable prices. While we are on a constant lookout for bargains, we never compromise on quality. Our bedding goods are sophisticated, beautifully made and highly durable. Also, our high end down quilts and pillows are made locally, here in beautiful Marin County.

More than 50 years ago, when we made our first down quilts, Warm Things made a promise to offer quality products and personal service at reasonable prices. Today our promise still stands. Our list of satisfied customers has grown. Thousands of families all over the country now enjoy warm and cozy sleep under Warm Things down quilts.

Every order gets special attention. Each Warm Things product is created with care. The tradition of those first quilts goes on- quality products, personal service, comfortable prices and satisfied customers.

We value and appreciate our new and longtime customers. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you."

Quilts With A Difference

Warm and cuddlesome, soft and cozy, light and airy, a Warm Things down quilt conforms to your body and gives warmth without weight. Thousands of fluffy down filaments snuggle around, keeping body warmth in and cold air out. No drafty spaces! No heavy stack of blankets or electricity needed!

Three important ingredients to consider in selecting a down quilt: fabric, down and your personal needs.

Selected fabrics
Warm Things carefully selected fabrics are special in several ways: *High quality *Softness *Unusually tight weave *Texture

Goose down and fill power
Warm Things goose down ranges from 550 to 700 fill power. A 550 goose down is a good quality that is comfortable for most people. A 700 goose down is a superb quality for people who want the ultimate in warmth and luxury.

Personal needs
In addition to the average fill of goose, you may feel that your climate, conditions, or personal preference calls for additional down. If so, Warm Things offers fluffier quilts with more fill amounts. Here are some guidelines to consider when choosing:

  • Are you "always cold"?
  • Are one or two people sleeping under the quilt? Two people sleep warmer than one.
  • Do you sleep with the window open?
  • Is your bedroom heated during the day?

So, if you're "always cold" and sleep alone with the window open in an unheated room you'll probably want that fluffier quilt.


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