February 18, 2019

Just like clothes, our bedding comes in different sizes. Sure, we all know the standard sizes based on our mattress (king, queen, full, and twin), but there is a method when it comes to determining the best type of pillow to purchase. Pillows differ in measurement and shape to accommodate personal preference in regards to look and feel. Some pillows may offer more comfort than others by the varying fill volume.


Choosing a Pillow Based on Bed Size

Pillows come in a variety of sizes. Standard is the most common as it’s small/medium in size. There are also larger styles such as queen, king, and euro sizes. Here in the U.S., euro pillows are often used for decoration, however in European countries like Germany and Holland, this type of pillow is the norm. Here is a breakdown of pillow sizes, with the suggested number to have per bed: 

Get Creative

Generally king and queen pillows are purchased for king and queen beds, but that doesn’t mean you can’t mix and match all your options. Get creative and combine various pillow sizes to add some visual design to your bed. Begin with a bigger size and then layer the smaller pillows in front. This will not only meet your pillow needs but will also add some opportunity for color and pattern combinations with your shams and pillow cases. See below for an example of how you can layer your pillows:  

Pillow Cases

Typically pillow cases come in two sizes: standard and king. The standard size is designed to fit standard, super standard, and queen sizes. A standard pillow case measures 20-21” in length and 30-32” in width. A king has the same length, however is larger with a 36-41” width. Varying the case size can also change up the pillow itself. If you’re looking to fluff up your pillow, a larger case will assist with that. Buying a smaller case will keep its volume and height, while also adding some life to an older pillow.


Type of Sleeper

Side and stomach sleepers tend to mold and squish their pillows throughout the night so that it keeps its loft and softness around their head. For some, a king or queen size pillow can have a little too much volume so a standard size is preferred. Other sleepers may favor a softer pillow, such as a down, down alternative, or feather fill.


What Size Should I Choose?

Standard Pillow: This size is really the best for sleeping as it fits with a majority of bed types. It also tends to have the perfect amount of fill to achieve a good night’s rest.

Queen Pillow: The queen pillow is a good choice for someone who tosses and turns because it gives you lots of room on each side of your head.

King Pillow: King pillows were designed for the extra width of a king or California king bed but they’re great for a twin bed if move around at night.   

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