May 27, 2019

Back in 2017, the app Sleep Cycle analyzed patterns between their users throughout the world to learn more about the difference between men and women when it comes to their sleep. Their findings revealed a great deal of information regarding what really goes on in the bedroom. It’s no surprise that all of us sleep but did you know that the cycle of sleep is different for men and women?


To truly understand the difference, first you need to know why you feel awake and tired each day. Those feelings of alertness and drowsiness all depend on your circadian rhythm, which is an internal clock that helps regulate the cycle of when you feel sleepy and when you feel awake. Each person has a general 24-hour circadian rhythm, however there are some notable differences in the sleep/wake patterns of women and men.


It turns out, male and female circadian rhythms don’t exactly match up. Men’s clocks tend to run six minutes longer than a female’s, meaning they may feel less tired in the evening. In women, the internal clock is more likely to be shorter than a full 24-hour cycle, making it more likely that they will wake up earlier or have more frequent sleep disturbances throughout the night. Because of this, men awaken happier than women.



  • Approximately 15% of women report having sleep difficulties
  • Females experience insomnia at a higher rate than men
  • Women need more sleep than men due to using more mental energy
  • Due to shorter circadian cycles, women typically go to bed and wake up earlier



  • About 8% of males report having trouble sleeping
  • More men suffer from sleep apnea than women
  • Men report higher sleep satisfaction


So, do you agree with these findings? Tell us about your sleep experiences below!

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