January 14, 2019

Few things feel as good as jumping into a clean bed with fresh sheets. Knowing the right way to clean, care for, and store your linens is essential in creating a comfortable sleep environment. In order to achieve the perfect slumber, follow these guidelines to help preserve your sheets to have them lasting for years to come:


Read the tag

The most obvious way to care for your sheets is to read the label that comes sewed on each piece of bedding. There’s no need to guess if it's to be washed in hot or cold water, or dried on gentle or tumble. Simplify the process for yourself and just read the care instructions on the tag.


Washing guidelines

While it is best to follow the specific care instructions on the label, here are some general washing guidelines:

  • Wash your sheets before first use - you’ll get them nice and clean, and help loosen the cotton fibers
  • Generally, you should clean your sheets weekly to eliminate dirt, dust, oils, etc. that accumulate over time
  • Wash on a gentle cycle with cool or warm water (read below for specifics on water temperature)
  • Use mild detergent and reduce the amount to half of the recommended amount
  • Avoid using bleach and softeners since they tend to breakdown fabric fibers

Water temperature is crucial. Depending on how soiled your sheets are, picking the appropriate temperature can help you extend the life of your bed linens:

  • Cold water:This is the most economical and effective way to wash your sheets without setting in stains or fading colors
  • Warm water:This is a good choice for getting oils and makeup out but gentler on the fabric than hot water
  • Hot water: Hot water is the key to killing germs so this is effective for when someone is sick. Keep in mind that this method can cause shrinking, wrinkles and fading, so it’s not recommended for daily cleaning


Drying guidelines

Again, drying instructions can be found on the linen tags but here are some common guidelines on drying sheets:

  • Choose a low heat and a tumble cycle for cotton sheets
  • Hanging sheets outside to dry helps to preserve fibers, colors, and elasticity
  • Take sheets out immediately after last spin cycle to avoid over drying and wrinkles
  • If sheets have cooled in the dryer and wrinkles have set, toss in a dampened cloth and dry for 5 to 10 minutes longer
  • Try using dryer balls to soften. Wool dryer balls are the gentlest but any dryer or tennis ball will work


Storing your linens

Linens can be bulky and inconvenient to store, especially when you have multiple beds in the house. Keeping your bedding safe will help keep your sheets fresh and ready to use when you need them:

  • Find a dark, dry space
  • Keep linens contained to protect against dust
  • Avoid storing them in plastic to prevent fabric discoloration


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