March 05, 2021

Choosing the Most Comfortable Bed Sheet

Do you feel well-rested in the morning when you wake up or do you wake up feeling restless and grumpy? Sometimes you may feel a bit of both! There are a lot of reasons that contribute to your quality of sleep... Some of those may be the temperature in your room, your mattress, outside noise, health problems, or your bed sheets and pillowcases aren’t the best choice for you! So, if you are constantly wondering why you are not getting the quality of sleep that you deserve then it's high time that you figure out the cause of your inconveniences.

On average, a person spends around one-third of their life (or 26 years of their life) sleeping! During the time we spend sleeping, we might as well make sure that we are comfortable and having a great quality of sleep - and that has a lot to do with beddings. Even if you have the perfect mattress, it still would not feel as perfect without the appropriate bed sheet for it. With that being said, having the best bed sheet for you will help provide the perfect sleep experience that everyone deserves. In this blog, we will let you know what kind of sheets are the most comfortable bed sheets to give you the best experience while you're resting!

Things to consider when buying the most comfortable soft bed sheets:

Most comfortable bed sheet material

The materials that make up your bed sheet can make or break your quality of sleep. Some materials are cooler than others which makes them the best option for summer, while some sheets can provide warmth depending on your temperature preference. On cold nights, synthetic fabrics can give you warmth,  but they can get too hot, so cotton sheets are more preferred since they are more breathable and comfortable. If sheets are not created with breathable fabric, you may feel a heavyweight and hot temperature while sleeping and that will make you want to gasp for air! We've been there. Thankfully, there are so many different variations of cotton sheets... There is cotton-polyester which is wrinkle-free, but not as breathable as cotton - while linen is the most popular choice since it absorbs heat from the body and will leave you cool and comfortable the whole night. We don't know about you, but we love feeling a bit cool throughout the night. We can all agree that sleeping on a cold pillow is incredible, too! 

Thread count

Thread count is the number of horizontal and vertical threads that are woven into fabric per square inch. It's important to note that more threads do not mean that the sheet is automatically regarded as high-quality. Although it is known that softer sheets have a higher thread count, they also wear out faster or become soft comfortable bed sheets. Sheets’ thread count ranges from 200 to 800 but it can also go up to over 1000 threads!

Design or pattern

The best sheet’s design is entirely dependent on the person’s personal preference. Although you may not notice the comfortability physically, visually some colors can make you feel calmer or hotter. You can decide whether you want plain or printed sheets too! We love having so many options!


Finishing is a practice that is essential to the production of fabrics. The finishing processes are applied to the fabric after being woven. In addition to that, the finishing greatly contributes to how the fabric feels, helps maintain the luster of the fabric, can reduce the wrinkling, and preserve the color of the fabric giving it a smooth finish.

Here are some bedsheet finish options you may need:

Printing: The design or pattern printed on the bed sheet

Seersucker: This results in a crimped surface that is seen sometimes on stripes

Waffle: This has a textured pattern that resembles a honeycomb which makes it highly absorbent due to its increased surface area


There are two types of fit that are commonly used: fitted sheets and flat sheets.

Fitted sheets have four corners that utilize an elastic material to hold onto the mattress securely. It greatly helps in making up the bed faster and easier. The downside to fitted sheets is they're more difficult to fold, keep, and are prone to wrinkling.

Flat sheets are large pieces of fabric without the elasticated feature of fitted sheets... This makes them a lot easier to fold, but more difficult to fix in the morning. It can fit most bed sizes, unlike fitted sheets that will only fit specific mattresses.


A big factor in comfortability is your own preference... It can be specific and should cater to your personal needs. Instead of buying sheets that are luxurious and beautiful, make sure to choose the ones that give you the most comfort!

Here are some things to take note of when finding the best bed sheet:


Generally, you should choose a sheet that will help you to keep warm on cold nights and cool on warm nights. Living in a warm environment would require you to take these factors into consideration: bedsheet fiber, weight, and weave. These affect the temperature, experience, and quality of sleep. The same goes for a colder environment - you can opt for heavier sheets that keep you warm for those chilly nights!


Washing will greatly affect the quality of your sheets and if done inappropriately, this will cause your sheets to wear out sooner than expected. Silk sheets may feel luxurious and comfortable, but they also require air-drying. If you lack the patience and space for it, then it would be a wise choice to choose a different type of material. 

Personal preference

No material is superior if it does not align with your taste. Your own opinion about what makes you comfortable at night should always be taken into consideration!

Other things to consider:

If you are having a hard time knowing which sheet to use or when to switch things up, you may choose a different sheet for each season such as the most comfortable bed sheets for summer to match the temperature or climate around you. For a luxurious experience, you can choose to invest in high-quality cozy bed sheet sets with classy pillows and the best mattress for you to create a classic and personal space that allows you to have the best quality of sleep and could last you a long time!

Conclusion of How to Choose the Most Comfortable Bed Sheet

In conclusion, sleep is so important, so pat yourself on the back for doing this research on how to choose the most comfortable bed sheet! Here at Warm Things, we have tons of incredibly cozy sheet sets, so make sure to click here to check them out. We have something for all types of sleepers!

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