January 27, 2020

Over time, bedding can fall flat. One may think the solution is to buy new, however you may be able to fix this issue yourself without ever leaving the bedroom. First, it’s important to remember to carefully read the care and cleaning instructions for all your bedding products. Caring for your products properly is essential in ensuring they last for years to come. You can read an earlier blog on how to care for your bedding here.


In addition to the right care, here are steps you can take to fluff up your bedding:

  • Shake it out – comforters and pillows can lose their loft when the down filling begins to clump up. You can combat and prevent this problem by shaking out your bedding on a daily basis. Simply hold the edges of your comforter or pillow and give it a hard whip. This will help to separate and evenly distribute the fill. For pillows, you can also squeeze it like an accordion to reshape them.
  • Fix by hand – Look for spaces within your bedding where there are large clumps and gently massage the fill area with your fingers to break them apart. For pillows, fluff them up by hitting them with your fists or squeezing them with your hands.
  • Dryer method – Placing your comforter or pillow in a commercial dryer with three or four tennis balls can be another helpful technique to obtain fluffiness. For extra protection, make sure to put the balls into a sock to not stain your bedding. If possible, run the machine on the air fluff cycle as the spinning motion will help un-clump your comforter and/or pillow.
  • Take it outside – If weather permits, try leaving your bedding outside on a line and in the sun for a few hours. The fresh air moving through will naturally fluff your comforter and pillow, as well as help to reduce odors. 


With these methods, you can recapture and maintain fluffiness in your bedding. Evenly dispersing the fluff and avoiding clumping will allow your bedding to provide adequate warmth and comfort. If it seems your bedding is unable to be restored to a fluffier state, it may be time for a replacement.

Pillows should be replaced every 4-6 years, primarily for removal of dust mites and bacteria. To determine if your pillows need replacement, fold it in half to see if it pops back into place. If it doesn’t, it’s probably time for a new pillow.

Comforters, on the other hand, last must longer and can be good for 15-25 years. Over time, it will begin to wear and you will be able to see fill areas that are no longer insulated by viewing your comforter directly in the light.

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