February 04, 2019

If you’ve been sleeping on an unprotected pillow for quite some time, it’s probably unrecognizable at this point due to its yellow discoloration and craters. Those stains are actually derived from old sweat and grease…yuck! That certainly doesn’t sound like a magical sleep experience. The truth is, having a protector is just as important as the pillow itself.


Let’s talk about the anatomy of our pillows:

  • A cover, or protector, is used to defend against dust mites and stains by zipping completely around your pillow
  • The pillowcase is what you sleep on and is placed over the protector
  • Shams are more decorative pieces and are dressed on the outermost layer of your pillows. Most often they’re not used for sleeping but simply for show


So, what makes pillow covers so great and why are they so important? To summarize, we made a list of the top reasons to have a pillow protector:


1. Keeps your pillows cleaner

The gross reality is that we shed and release bodily fluids every day. Over time, our pillows get filled with things like skin cells, sweat, body oils, drool, dirt, and dander. A pillow cover is the first step in keeping them cleaner, thus increasing its longevity.


2. Blocks out allergens

Environmental control of allergens begins in the bedroom. Doctors recommend that people who suffer from dust mite allergies or asthma cover their bedding to avoid breathing in allergens while they sleep. Our allergy pillow covers are made with a tightly woven, 100% cotton fabric. This virtually locks out all particles, even ones as small as pet dander and dust, to prevent allergens from building up in the filling of the pillow.


3. Keeps them fluffy

Using a pillow case and cover helps to create a double defense against all those germs that end up in our bedding. If not properly protected, grease, sweat, dirt, and saliva can build up and weigh down our pillows, reducing its fluff.  When we use a protector, we can avoid this from happening.


4. Assurance against bed bugs

Most often, bed bugs live in the creases of our mattress, however for some people, having a little extra security can be important. Since the covers have zippers, bed bugs will be unable to enter your pillows.


5. Peace of mind when traveling

When you travel, bringing along pillow covers are just an extra precaution you can take to protect yourself. They don’t take up much space and can help ensure you get a good night’s rest.


In conclusion, pillow covers are an inexpensive way to protect and extend the life of your pillows. Whether you choose an allergy control protector or our basic style, you will sleep knowing that your pillow is staying cleaner and pest-free.


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