April 06, 2020

Sleep is an essential part of our emotional and physical health. When we don’t get enough of it, our memory, concentration, and mood is highly at risk. Poor sleep can lead to severe issues such as depression, obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, or diabetes. Thankfully there are sleep remedies at home you can do to improve your nightly slumber:



There are many over-the-counter supplement options available that help in achieving a better night’s sleep. Here are the most common ones on the market:

  • Melatonin – melatonin is a hormone that naturally releases a feeling of sleepiness in our brains, and is triggered by the bodies response to reduced light exposure. It also synchronizes the sleep/wake cycle
  • Valerian Root – valerian has sedating properties and helps you to fall asleep
  • L-Theanine – this supplement specifically aids in relieving the feeling of anxiety, which interferes with our ability to sleep. L-theanine also induces brain waves linked to calming relaxation



While there is no scientific proof that they work, there are a variety of drinks that aid in sleep. Some of those include warm milk, chamomile tea, and tart cherry juice:

  • Warm Milk – milk at a warmer temperature is said to be associated with chemicals that replicate tryptophan in the brain. Tryptophan is an amino acid for the serotonin, which is associated with healthy sleep
  • Chamomile Tea – unlike green or earl grey tea, chamomile doesn’t have any caffeine in it and it believed to have flavonoids that interact with benzodiazepine receptors, which help trigger sleep/wake transitions
  • Tart Cherry Juice – this flavor of juice claims to support melatonin production, which helps regulate sleep



Participating in physical activity is a helpful sleep remedy due to the release in endorphins, which are chemicals that keep people awake. It’s better to exercise earlier in the day (not before bed) as this raises your core body temperature, which signals that it’s time to get up. In additional to working out, here are other helpful fitness routines you can take part in:

  • Yoga – yoga is known to relax the body, mind, and helps to reduce stress and promotes restful sleep
  • Meditation – stress and anxiety make it harder to fall asleep so if you practice mindful meditation, you’ll be able to sleep easier. Meditation has also been linked to reducing insomnia and sleep troubles

Lifestyle Changes

There are little things we can do each day to help us get better sleep simply by making some changes to our daily lifestyle.

  • Turn off Electronics – Reducing “blue light” when it’s time to go to sleep is key. Nighttime light can hinder melatonin production and trick your body into thinking it’s not time to rest
  • Create a Tranquil Space – a clean and organized space in your bedroom will help you to feel more relaxed
  • Keep it Cool and Dark – It is best to keep the room darker at night with the ideal temperature being between 65 and 72 degrees


These at home sleep remedies can be just what you need to get a better night’s rest. If you are still struggling with sleep, make sure to consult a doctor or physician. What are some things you do at home to improve your sleep?

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