June 17, 2019

With the first day of summer fast approaching (Friday, June 21st to be exact), it’s time to switch over your bedding to something more lightweight and breathable. Nobody likes waking up hot and uncomfortable; plus, this can lead to difficulty in obtaining a good night’s rest. In today’s blog we’re going to give you the best summer bedding tips to beat the heat, as well as some products we’ve hand selected from Warm Things to keep you cool and relaxed this summer season.


1. Go lighter

For most people, the summer means packing away your down comforter, along with those flannel sheets and heavy quilts. Instead of bedding that essentially traps heat, opt for lighter and breathable options. We recommended a duvet or comforter that’s made from fabrics such as cotton, linen, or silk. Materials such as these will provide you with options to keep you comfortable throughout the night.


2. Stick to brighter colors

Believe it or not, lighter colors absorb less heat during the day, so you’re more likely to jump into a cooler bed at night when it comes time to go to sleep. Not only that, but giving yourself a breezy summer bedroom makeover with cheerful colors doesn’t hurt either. It may even help brighten your mood, too! Make it fun with patterns like summertime floral or a paisley print.  


3. Choose breathable materials

Linen and cotton are known to be the most ideal fabrics for sleeping in the heat. They are woven from natural fibers that breathe remarkably well, which is key for staying cool. Linen also has natural cooling properties and is moisture-wicking, making it perfect for those who sweat. It is said to be a natural temperature regulator and insulator, meaning linen will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. At Warm Things, we offer a linen-cotton blend to help you achieve ultimate breathability. Percale is also a great option as it’s best known for a crisp, cool feel.


4. Use light layers

The last thing you want to sleep with in the summer is a heavy blanket so consider using multiple lightweight layers. This will make it easier for you to stay cool and self-regulate your body temperature during the night. Having several thinner sheets and blankets will make it easier for you to stay cooler or warmer as the temperature outside changes. Just add on or take off a layer as you please.


5. Use “cool” products

There are products on the market that have specialized cooling properties for obtaining the ultimate temperature control. This includes everything from mattress pads, covers, sheets, and pillows. Consider purchasing our Simply Cool duvet cover, pillowcases, or sheet set. The material used in these products have unique moisture control capability to keep you cool and comfortable. Not only that, but with a 600 thread and 100% tencel lyocell count, this fabric is soft to the touch and gentle on even the most sensitive skin.  

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