November 18, 2017

Many people think they know precisely what thread count is and what it means for their sheets and comforters. While you may hold the belief that higher thread count means better quality, this truly depends where you are purchasing your bedding from. This can be chalked up to certain manufacturers cutting corners where thread count is concerned, but we’ll get to that in a different post. For now, let’s cover the basics.

How is thread count calculated?

Thread count is determined by adding the number of horizontal threads (wefts) with the number of vertical threads (warps) that are woven together in a square inch of fabric. For example, if there were 500 warps and 500 wefts in one square inch of a comforter, the thread count would be 1,000.

Why is a higher thread count a good thing?

With more threads, (assuming they are high quality) comes more durability. Comforters that have high thread counts can also mute fabric noise much better than those with low thread counts.  This may not seem like it would be something you even notice. After all, how much noise can fabric make? All we will say is, “you’d be surprised.” Skip the cheap low thread count comforter and invest in something that will not only be comfortable to your skin, but also to your ears.

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