February 24, 2020

In an earlier blog this month, we discussed the difference between night owls and early birds, however have you ever considered what type of alarm clock person you are? Sleep researches have determined that 85% of the population use an alarm clock to wake up. The way you respond to this simple device can actually say a lot about your personality and sleep habits. 

Over the years, alarm clocks have transformed from traditional clocks to high-tech smartphones. While they may appear different, the function remains the same – to end sleep and wake you up. Beyond a simple ring or beep, technology now allows you to play calming music, delightful sounds, and even gives you the option to set multiple alarms. So, when it comes to setting an alarm, where do you stand?


The Early Bird

The early bird is someone who awakens much earlier than most people, generally before an alarm goes off. While it’s nice to get a head start on the day, if you are waking up between 4-6am, you may not be getting an adequate amount of sleep.  

Personality traits: Perfectionist, determined, driven, productive


The Natural Riser

The person we all aspire to be, a natural riser wakes up right on time each day and typically don’t need to rely on an alarm clock. If you do set one, you’ll usually awaken before an alarm goes off. Natural risers are lucky enough to fall asleep quickly at night and wake up feeling refreshed each morning.

Personality traits: Successful, motivated, creative, planner


The Gentle Riser

For those that are a gentle riser, once the alarm goes off, you will instantly get out of bed, ready to start the day. You do not press snooze and easily accept that sleep is over.

Personality traits: Proactive, optimistic, stable, agreeable


The Hibernator

If you are someone who resents your alarm clock and quickly rushes to hit snooze, you are considered a hibernator. You have repeated delays in waking and it can be very hard for you to get up in the morning since you’d prefer to keep sleeping. 

Personality traits: Procrastinator and may have some emotional health issues, like anxiety or depression


The Snoozer

If you find it nearly impossible to wake up, even at the sound of an alarm, you are a snoozer. It doesn’t matter how many times the alarm goes off or how loud it is, you’re not waking up. Many teenagers or adults with sleep disorders fall into this category.

Personality traits: Unmotivated and may struggle with sleep deprivation concerns


So, what alarm clock personality type do you have? Comment below with your answer!

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