October 22, 2018

When you think of affordability and luxury, typically we view them as opposites. How can one achieve luxury while on a tight budget? Comfort is essential in our lives and being that sleep takes up a third of it, it should be spent using only the best, right? Well, unfortunately one may not be able to afford a luxurious lifestyle. That, however, doesn’t mean it’s not possible to “live like kings and queens.” Many people think the right mattress is the determining factor for sleep. While that definitely plays a role, your bedding counterparts can also help make a difference.


Pillows: Having the right pillow is critical for not only a good night’s rest, but to also maintain healthy spine alignment, reduce head and neck aches, and relieve pressure throughout your body. However, many pillows can be pricey. While the higher in price often translates to a better product, there are budget-friendly options that also work.

At Warm Things we offer three main types of pillow options: down, down alternative, and feather. When comparing prices, down fill are the most expensive of the trio. A great option for someone on a budget would be to get something in-between…in this case, down alternative. Down alternative pillows cost half as much but your body is still well supported. To see our collection of down alternative pillows, click here.


Sheets: Picking out a sheet for your bed seems like a simple task, but there are many options to consider within this single product: thread count, weave, and material type. Typically when people are on the hunt for new sheets, they assume the higher the thread count, the better. Many people with make their choice based on this feature alone. While it's true that thread count (a measurement of how many threads run vertically and horizontally in one square inch of fabric) is important, it turns out that fabric plays a bigger part in sheet comfort.

We offer a few selections of fabrics and weaves on our website – sateen, cotton, percale, tencel lyocell, flannel, and Egyptian. On our website, the prices for these materials range anywhere from $30 to $125. The higher end long-fiber cottons make the most luxurious sheets, however for a more affordable price point, consider fabrics like cotton-rich. Check out our selection here to find the best product for your budget.


Comforters: A comforter is the essence of cozy and often the essential component to a luxurious bed. However, choosing the right one for your needs can be a bit confusing due to the wide variety of styles and prices. There are many elements that go into choosing the best comforter: bedroom temperature, fabric style, size, and fill.

You will find that Warm Things offers comforter levels dependent on the degree of the room you sleep in. This ranges from always warm to always cold and we’ve helped by representing temperature in levels between one and four. When it comes to deciding what type of comforter to purchase, you must first determine the type of sleeper you are. From there comes bed size and fabric style. Finally, the fill is what ultimately completes the comforter. We offer white Hungarian goose down comforters, but also have a more affordable option, down alternative. When it comes to price, the higher the level, the greater the cost. Check out our down and down alternative comforters to find the best fit for your budget and sleep style.

comforter levels

Our goal at Warm Things has always been to bring you comfort and affordability as a collaborative force. When the family business began over 43 years ago, we made a promise to offer high quality bed products at reasonable prices and that mission still remains the same today. While we are on a constant lookout for bargains, we never compromise on quality. Bedding is a way of life. We all sleep so we deserve to do it in luxury without breaking the bank. Interested in viewing more of our available products? Visit Warm Things to learn more and keep an eye out for some great deals coming soon!

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