August 19, 2019

Back to school season is among us and if you’re a college student, that means it’s time to write out your checklist, shop for the essentials, pack up the car, and get ready to move into a dorm room. Whether you’re a new high school graduate or going into your senior year, settling into a dorm is one of the most overwhelming and exciting parts of the college experience. Here at Warm Things we have a dorm collection sure to inspire any student!


What size bed will I have?

In this day and age, most colleges come equipped with a mattress for their on-campus students. However, you will notice that the size differs to your standard bed at home. College dorms often have extra-long twin beds, generally to accommodate taller students. Before you shop for bedding, check to see your mattress size as this is usually included in your school’s information packet.


What type of bedding do I need?

Moving into a dorm is much like moving into an apartment, so your bedding should include sheets, pillows, pillowcases, blankets, and comforters. It is important to note that a standard twin-size sheet will not fit so you will need to get extra-long twin bedding. Make sure to get sheets that are durable and easy to wash. Bedding sets are a great option for dorm rooms because they include all the essentials, making back to school shopping a breeze!


How do I make the bed more comfortable?

Dormitory beds are notorious for being stiff and uncomfortable, so you’ll want to buy a mattress pad to make your bed easier to sleep on. Feather toppers and high-quality bed sheets are an easy way to turn your standard bed into a luxurious sanctuary. For added comfort, consider purchasing a high thread count comforter or feather pillow.


Shop our collection

Your dorm room is a way to express yourself so feel free to mix and match your bedding to fit your personality. We offer a wide variety of prints, styles, and designs to meet the needs of any student. Make far away feel like home and get ready for college now by visiting our dorm college here. Warm Things wishes you and yours a great school year!




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