August 12, 2019

With so many pillows to choose from, picking the right one can seem like a daunting task. Memory foam, down, cotton, and feather are just some of the options in today’s bedding market. Unfortunately, no single type of pillow works for everyone and it’s all contingent on personal preference and sleep position.


A good sleep posture is key to resting soundly and selecting the right pillow is the first step to achieving that. When we don’t use the proper pillow, we are more susceptible to pain and stiffness. A pillow helps to support a healthy sleep posture, meaning it works to keep your body in alignment. If your body doesn’t get sufficient support, this will lead to strain and discomfort, making sleep less than enjoyable.


When it comes time to purchase a pillow, these are some things to consider:

  • Fill Type: The filling of a pillow is what makes it feel the way that is does. There is an array of fill options available and we’re going to address the pros and cons of each one:
    • Down
      • Pros- down is one of the best quality choices as they tend to hold their shape well, are durable, and are lightweight and cuddly
      • Cons- while extremely comfortable, down pillows are difficult to clean and can be a bit on the pricey side
      • Best for- all types of sleepers
    • Feather
      • Pros- feather is a slightly cheaper option that will offer a similar type of comfort as a down pillow would
      • Cons- again, they can be hard to maintain due to cleaning and the consistent fluffing that is needed
      • Best for- back and side sleepers
    • Memory Foam
      • Pros- memory foam offers great support and maintains its shape well throughout continuous usage
      • Cons- this type of material can give off a chemical odor and retains body heat, making it especially uncomfortable to use during warmer weather
      • Best for- back sleepers
    • Cotton
      • Pros- cotton is odor free and cooler than many types of pillow fills
      • Cons- with use, the filling clumps and flattens so they need to be replaced more frequently
      • Best for- all sleep positions
  • Size: For most people, a standard pillow size will do just fine. Whatever size you decide, make sure to keep your sleep posture in alignment. The thickness of a pillow will also play a factor in providing the right level of comfort.
  • Fabric: Make sure to select natural and breathable fabrics to maximize comfortability. Also, consider purchasing a protective cover to defend against dirt, dust, allergens, and oils.
  • Sleep Position: Although some people change positions throughout the night, knowing how you sleep is crucial in deciding what pillow type will work best for you.
    • Side Sleepers- firm and thick pillow
    • Stomach Sleepers- soft pillow
    • Back Sleepers- flat pillow


At Warm Things, our customer service department is always here to help you in making an informed bedding purchase. Want to learn more? Check out our pillow guide on how to choose the best pillow that’s right for you!

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