September 30, 2019

There’s no doubt about it that the bedding industry has a lot of components and a variety of products available. There’s a reason why the bedding section in stores is so large and to be honest, it can get a bit overwhelming at times. There are many types of pillows, sheets, and accessories. In addition, they all come in an array of colors, prints, and sizes so where do you begin?! Warm Things wants to help simplify the shopping process for you so we’ve defined all the major components of bedding.


Bed Linens

  • Top/Flat Sheet: a sheet that separates your bottom sheet from your comforter
  • Bottom/Fitted Sheet: a sheet that features elastic edges that fit over your mattress
  • Bedspread: a thin, decorative covering that drapes over the entire bed and touches the floor
  • Coverlet: generally used as a bed accent, a coverlet is a decorative fabric that sit on top of a bedspread, usually at the foot of the mattress
  • Blanket: blankets add warmth to your bed and are typically made from wool, cotton, or polyester material
  • Comforter: considered the most commonly used bed topper, a comforter is a cover which is stuffed with fibers or down and then sewn together on all four sides
  • Duvet: similar to a comforter, a duvet is stuffed with down or down alternative and requires the use of a cover to remain functional
  • Duvet Cover: available in a variety of colors, designs, and patterns, a duvet cover encases and protects the duvet



  • Euro/Continental Pillow: a large square pillow, used as a decorative piece, that sits back against a headboard
  • Sleeping Pillow: a rectangular pillow that is used for sleeping, which is available in a variety of sizes including standard, queen, and king
  • Decorative/Throw Pillow: a small pillow that adds some decoration to your bed
  • Bolster Pillow: a tubular shaped pillow utilized for lumbar support while sitting up in bed
  • Pillowcase: used for covering a sleeping pillow, they are rectangular in shape and have an opening on one end to insert your pillow
  • Pillow Protector: zippered cover that keep pillows staying crisp and clean
  • Pillow Shame: a decorative covering to add some extra style to your pillows



  • Bed Skirt: a fabric that’s placed between the mattress and box spring, extending to the floor at the sides and bottom of the bed
  • Throw Blanket: smaller than a regular blanket, a throw blanket adds some extra warmth to your bed and can be found in a variety of prints
  • Mattress Pad/Topper: a mattress pad, or topper, is a layer of padding that's used above the mattress and beneath a bottom sheet to add extra comfort
  • Feather Bed: a feather bed is made of feathers contained within a fabric shell and lies on top of a mattress as a topper


With so many options available, we hope this helped make your shopping experience easier. Warm Things is proud to offer a majority of the above in providing you with all your bedding needs. Visit to get started today!

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