October 07, 2019

Pillows happen to be my favorite accessory when it comes to my bed…they’re soft, fluffy, and super comfortable. I love pillows to the point that I’m guilty of using way too many…on my bed alone, I have six! The truth is, our pillows play a big role in the type of sleep we get each night. So, just how many pillows should you sleep with?


Determine your needs

The purpose of a pillow is to support the body during sleep and align the bones of the neck and spine. Anatomically speaking, the elevation needs to be just right in order to provide the best results. In this case, less is more and ultimately you should only be using one pillow when you sleep. If you are feeling the need to add more, chances are the pillow you are using isn’t the right one for your body type.


It’s all about the position

Position says a lot about the type of pillow you need and it’s imperative to keep the head, neck, and spine in a neutral alignment. A bad sleep posture can be the culprit if you experience back or neck pain. Having the right pillow can be an easy fix to this problem. Choosing a pillow that’s too high or low will bend your neck, leading to soreness, stiffness, and inflammation. When you rest your head down on a pillow, notice how your neck is aligned and supported. 

Picking the right pillow for your sleep position

Make sure to select a pillow that properly keeps your neck and spine supported in a comfortable position. There are many types of pillows on the market so how do you know how to choose the right one? At Warm Things, we’ve simplified the process by classifying our pillows into levels, depending on the way you sleep. You can check out our extensive collection here.



Designed for

Why it works



Stomach sleepers

Softer pillow that provides support without being too thick



Back sleepers

Supports and conforms to the head and neck



Side sleepers

Denser, thicker option that helps to keep the neck and head cradled and aligned



Extra support

Super supportive for head, neck, and spine alignment


Supportive measures

If you are looking for additional ways to support your neck and spine, sleeping with two pillows is an option. Depending on your sleep position, here are other steps you can take:

  • Side sleepers: It is recommended that you sleep with one pillow under your head and another in between your knees. This will ultimately relieve any stress on your lower back and hips
  • Back sleepers: We suggest placing a pillow under your knees to aid in keeping your body aligned appropriately
  • Stomach sleepers: This sleep position will have the hardest time finding neutral spine and neck alignment and may benefit from a full body pillow that can assist in creating room for breathing and air flow

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