November 11, 2019

Just like clothes, when it comes to bedding, there are a large variety of sizes and options available. Choosing just the right measurements can be a bit overwhelming as each bedding store is different and often have their own unique size charts. In today’s blog, we will be discussing all the components that make up a bed and how to choose just the right size… 

*Please note that the measurements displayed in this blog are considered average sizes and may vary depending on product type and manufacturer. 



In North America, standard mattress sizes include twin, twin XL (generally found in college dorm rooms), full/double, queen, king, and California king. Queen beds are the most commonly used size in the world since they comfortably accommodate two adult sleepers, providing enough room to move around and reposition throughout the night.


Comforters & Bed Covers

Comforters and duvet covers are both lightweight and popular bedding options. A cover encases a duvet and lies on top of a mattress. A comforter, on the other hand, is designed to cover the mattress and box spring. Bedspreads are the larger of the two and drape over the sides of the bed nearly to the floor.

*At Warm Things, our duvet covers are available in two sizes- full/queen and king. Each cover measurement varies so make sure to check the product description prior to purchasing. Comforter and bedspread sizes are sold in twin, queen, and king. To ensure it’s the right match, make sure to check your mattress size before buying.  


Flat & Fitted Sheets

Flat sheets are generally designed to fit any standard bed, however perhaps the most frustrating to put on are fitted sheets. To best determine the size of your fitted sheet, measure vertically from the top to the bottom seam of your mattress, and then again to the highest point on the bed (including any toppers).

*We have sheets to meet the needs of all types of mattresses, with some designs available in a twin XL.


 Pillowcases & Protectors

It’s important to protect our pillows with a case and/or a cover. Pillows are also available in varying sizes, with standard and king being the most common. Each size is different dependent on pillow type. 

*With so many pillow options, Warm Things is proud to offer protectors and cases in an array of sizes including decorator, neckroll, European, king, queen, and standard.



Utilizing a bedskirt is a simple way to add flair, while at the same time allowing for the convenience of hiding what’s beneath your bed. They come in a variety of styles and colors. Sizing for a bedskirt depends on your box spring and how much height you have between the top edge of your bed to the floor.

*At Warm Things, we offer bed skirts in a variety of sizes including twin, queen, full, king, and California king. They are tailored to fit a mattress and box spring with a 15” drop. Make sure to measure first to ensure it’s the right fit for your needs.


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