November 18, 2019

With the holiday season quickly approaching, it’s time to prepare your home for guests. It is estimated that during the holidays, over 120 million people travel worldwide. You want to ensure your visitors feel comfortable and provide them with an enjoyable experience. Welcome your family and friends by making your guest room feel like home with these top 10 simple tips and tricks:


  1. Best bed in town: You want your guests to be comfortable so having a great bed is key for a good night’s sleep. Don’t settle for an old and lumpy mattress.
  2. Transform your bedding: Utilizing clean and luxurious bedding will make your guests feel right at home. Consider purchasing some additions such as a feather bed, a cozy down comforter, down pillows, or Egyptian cotton sheets.
  3. Offer extra linens: Always have extra linens readily available, as well as additional blankets and sheets for some added warmth and comfort.
  4. Give them space: Allow them to have some closet space to keep their belongings so the room doesn’t feel too cluttered and busy. In a guest room, less is more - more space, more comfortable, and more welcoming. Keep the décor minimal and don’t have too many of your own possessions in the room.
  5. Provide a sitting area: Give your family and friends a place to relax after a long day of holiday festivities with a nice comfy chair, since many people don’t like to use their mattress for sitting purposes.
  6. Make it bright: Make sure the room has adequate light by having a lamp accessible to the bed area. No one wants a stumbling guest in the middle of the night.
  7. Unpack and unwind: The holidays can already be hectic, so giving your guests the option to unpack their clothing and things into a closet or dresser is a nice touch.   
  8. Supply the basics: Make sure your guest room is equipped with the essentials, such as a clock, stationary, tissues, and iron/iron board. You want your guest room to feel like they’re staying in a hotel.
  9. Offer Privacy: Sure, it’s nice to spend a day with family and friends, however let the guest room be their own personal retreat away from it all by giving them plenty of privacy.
  10. Keep them entertained: Allow your guests to stay connected by providing them with the Wi-Fi password and if possible, set up the room with a television for some additional entertainment.


Giving your guests a nice play to stay will make the holidays less stressful and enjoyable for all. Do you have a guest room at home? What do you do to make it feel homey? Comment below!

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