July 31, 2021

Causes of Sleep Paralysis

Let's talk about sleep paralysis... What is it? How does this happen? What to do if you suffer from it, etc... Sleep paralysis - sometimes called sleep apnea - is a sleeping disorder that causes you to be conscious while your body and mind are still asleep. This happens when the brain misinterprets signals coming in through your senses as being real-life events rather than dreams—and with such intensity, it becomes impossible for you to break free of this state without direct intervention (such as someone gently shaking you). This can lead to terrifying experiences where people feel like they're being attacked or even kidnapped by an intruder. This could last for a few seconds up to a few minutes. The person experiencing sleep paralysis often has no memory of the event happening when they wake up in the morning and will usually only recall their experience if it's caught on camera or recorded on video.

People who suffer from sleep paralysis often have difficult sleeping schedules as once they awake, it is hard for them to fall back asleep. We can't blame them! From what we've heard, this is a terrifying disorder to suffer from.Metro UKposted an article about 5 of the scariest sleep paralysis stories. Here's what some of them included:

  • A woman named Raji woke up to find herself hovering over at her own sleeping body. She then saw a figure rocking backwards and forwards at the end of her bed. She described this as one of the scariest moments of her entire life.
  • Another person witnessed a witch crawling at the end of their bed getting closer and closer to their sleeping body.
  • One of the spookiest stories on their list was from someone who saw their cousin who was deceased lying next to them.

During sleep paralysis you cannot move or scream, so you're sat there in horror. So, let's talk about what causes someone to experience sleep paralysis...

What Causes Sleep Paralysis?

There are many reasons sleep paralysis occurs but it primarily happens because someone is falling asleep too quickly without first getting into REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep stages. Here are some other factors that cause sleep paralysis:

  • Sleep deprivation is another one of the leading contributors to sleep paralysis as well as some other medical conditions.This may also occur due to an imbalance between neurochemicals like serotonin – when our bodies don't produce enough, we enter into survival mode which triggers these feelings during periods of wakefulness
  • Changing your sleep schedule: It's important to follow a healthy sleeping schedule. If you're changing it often or just don't have some sort of schedule, then you're more likely to suffer from sleep paralysis than someone who does have a good sleeping schedule
  • Stress: With so much going on in our lives, it's no wonder that sleep is sometimes disrupted. When you constantly feel as though your life is out of control it's inevitable that at some point in time, things are going to get too much and lead to something like a paralyzing episode where one cannot move for short periods of time. If you are constantly under stress, this may trigger you to experience sleep paralysis
  • Sleeping on your back: Why does sleeping on your back cause the sensation of sleep paralysis? It's not clear, but it could be a result of changes in brain chemistry when lying flat. The change is significant enough that people who are prone to narcolepsy have trouble falling asleep while laying down and find themselves more comfortable sitting or standing up because they can't enter deep REM (rapid eye movement) sleep as easily this way
  • Certain medication: Always consult with your doctor to learn more about the side effects of the medication you may be taking. Some ADHD medication triggers sleep paralysis and so do several others
  • Substance abuse: Alcoholism and drug use have been linked to a condition known as REM Sleep Behavior Disorder, which is characterized by excessive movement during periods when most people are at rest. It could happen pretty easily with alcohol because they tend to have a depressant effect on your central nervous system slowing down regular functions like moving muscles or controlling breathing. So by drinking too much before bedtime there will be less oxygen available for energy metabolism leading up to an increase in GABA activity level as well as serotonin & dopamine levels (both chemicals associated).

Who Suffers From Sleep Paralysis?

According to a recent study, around 4 out of 10 people suffer from sleep paralysis. This common condition is often first noticed in the teen years, but men and women of any age can find it themselves with this night-time terror. Sleep paralysis runs on a family line more than likely because you are born with your genes and they affect how certain things happen within your body including when you fall asleep or stay awake during REM cycles - which could cause something like sleep paralysis due to lack of stimulation from outside sources (external stimuli).

What Are The Symptoms of Sleep Paralysis?

There are several symptoms of sleep paralysis, but they all have one thing in common: the inability to move. This is often accompanied by vivid hallucinations and sounds or voices. You may see things like people jumping on your bed, someone trying to grab you from behind, a shadowy figure standing at your door, ouija boards moving without anyone touching them, etc... Typically it's something pretty spooky! (If only sleep paralysis included an awesome dream where you can fly or meet your favorite celebrity!)

How to Avoid Sleep Paralysis

There are few ways to try to help your mind and body avoid sleep paralysis. One of which is by meditating! A few sessions will help you stay relaxed and help you to fall asleep faster. Some people may find it easier to fall asleep after meditating, as the practice is known for calming a person's mind and body. 

People who are prone to worrying about their day or what might await them in the future often report feeling more relaxed after sitting down and quietly clearing their minds of any thoughts that they don't need at this time; some say meditation even helps alleviate chronic pain! If you're looking for new ways on how to get better sleep, try giving mediation a go - there could be no downside if all goes well!

Sleep is something that many people struggle with every night and it's not always easy to get enough restful hours in order to function the next day - but there are ways around this - meditation is one of the main ways. Just find some time at work or home - it could literally be you'll 5 minutes for yourself. Some individuals may experience relief from their symptoms after only one session so don't be discouraged if nothing happens right away- continue practicing until they do disappear!

We're definitely not pros when it comes to meditating, but we do have 2 steps that are great for beginners... Those 2 steps are:

  1. Find a cozy place for your meditation time: The best time for meditation is when you're feeling calm and relaxed. To find your perfect spot, look around the house that's most relaxing to you: Maybe it's a room in which you can be alone with no distractions like TV or noise from an open window; perhaps it has access to natural light so that outside noises don't interrupt your experience. If this isn't possible then there are plenty of other ways! Find somewhere comfortable on a couch or floor where street sounds won't bother you at all - even if they do seem soothing sometimes - and make sure any screens such as TVs, computers, and tablets are turned off before beginning.
  2. Count every single breath that you take: Pay attention to your breathing. Take deep breaths in and breathe out slowly. Get into this rhythm and allow your mind to relax. It will help your mind relax, so pay attention to the air going in and out of your lungs. The Counting Breaths technique can be a great way for anyone to wind down before bed or find relief from stress during their day at work because it can help regulate our breathing which is naturally calming! You're taking in a breath, releasing it. You notice your shoulders are starting to loosen up and you feel calmer already. Remember that breathing is an efficient way of helping your body relax from the tension caused by stressors like traffic or deadlines at work! Inhale deeply through the nose for four counts, hold this count briefly then exhale out slowly on eight counts - repeat three times.

How to Treat Sleep Paralysis

In most cases, sleep paralysis is a one-time event that does not require treatment. The best way to beat sleep paralysis is by treating the underlying condition, such as narcolepsy. If you are experiencing symptoms of narcolepsy and need help sleeping well or have anxiety about your condition then it may be beneficial to seek out professional advice for the best course of action. Talk to your doctor if this sounds like something you might suffer from- they may prescribe medications designed specifically for people who deal with these issues on a regular basis!

Conclusion of Cause of Sleep Paralysis

In conclusion, we can all agree that sleep paralysis sounds like an experience that no one should have to go through. No matter how tough you are while watching a scary movie, nothing can prepare you for the things you may see while sleep paralysis is going on.

As we mentioned earlier, having a good sleeping schedule and a comfortable sleep throughout the night is extremely important. Not only will this help to avoid sleep paralysis, but it's also good for your health overall! Waking up refreshed and energized will help you make the most of your day.

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We'd love to know if you've ever experienced sleep paralysis... What was it like and what has helped you avoid having it again? Leave your tips down below!

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