September 03, 2021

12 Gift Ideas for the Holidays

It’s the season to be jolly, and what better way to enjoy the upcoming holidays than to spend those days being well-rested and not grumpy!? Lack of sleep can most definitely make you feel down and tired, which is the worst thing to feel during the holidays. Imagine celebrating with all of your family and friends while feeling exhausted and drained... Then you start feeling horrible for raining on everyone’s parade, so you feel even worse! What a bad way to spend your holiday, right? Here at Warm Things, we want you and your loved ones to feel cozy and comfortable. We don’t want you to feel any of the feelings above mentioned, and as the days go by and Christmas is fast approaching, spending time with friends and family is very important. What better way to kick off those days than by making sure that you give gifts that are both sweet and practical. Here’s a shopping guide we put together for you to give you some ideas on what to buy when you do your gift shopping!

holiday gift ideas

Comfortable Pillows

Pillows play an important role in giving you the best quality of rest that you deserve. They ensure that your head is aligned with your neck and backbone by supporting it to prevent you from waking up with a sore neck. They also prevent sleep loss by ensuring that you are comfortable through the night. Having a comfortable pillow is one way to guarantee your quality of sleep and that your rest is not compromised. In fact, according to the National Sleep Foundation, pillows aim to make sure that the head maintains a neutral position during the night. This means the stable support a pillow provides can be the difference between a great, cozy night and a horrible, restless sleep. In this light, here are some of our pillows that we recommend, so that you can have the best sleep:

  1. Soft Down Pillow ($65.39$108.99)

Our soft down pillow is what we would call a level 1 pillow. It means that it is super soft and comfortable. We typically recommend it for stomach sleepers because their postures while sleeping lends themselves to this type of material. This pillow is a relatively flat variety compared to our other options. Nevertheless, it still offers subtle support without compromising your comfort. It is also hypoallergenic and made from the USA using only the finest imported materials that you can possibly find on the market. It comes in a variety of sizes for standard (12oz), queen (16oz), or king (21oz) sized beds, as well. Be sure to check this one out!

  1. Premium 700 Soft Down Pillow ($130.19$216.99)

This Premium 700 Soft Down Pillow falls into the level 2 category and is best suited for stomach and side sleepers who prefer softer pillows. Unlike a level 1 pillow, this provides denser and firmer support while remaining soft and comfortable. Similar to a level 1 pillow, however, it still caters to your comfort needs as it can surely help out your friends and family to have more restful sleep with great quality. This pillow comes in different sizes as well to accommodate your specific needs. It is made in the USA using quality hypoallergenic materials that we imported.                 

  1. Premium 700 Medium Down Pillow ($100.19$166.99)

Our third recommendation is our Premium 700 Medium Down Pillow. It is a level 3 category pillow - best suited for back and side sleepers. Therefore, of the three recommendations we have given, this is the firmest option, but that doesn’t mean that the quality is compromised. This pillow will allow you to rest on a moderately dense and plump layer of hypoallergenic 700 fill power down. A variety of sizes are offered in our store, which you can check out at the link.


Choosing the right comforter is like buying the right choice of clothing – you want to make sure it suits your needs and personality. A comforter is of a similar design to a quilt or blanket, however, one thing that sets them apart is that they’re made with an insulating filler material. Generally, this will include either cotton, wool, polyester, or down. We actually made a specific guide on how to choose the right comforter, which you can visit here! Here at Warm Things, we offer quality down comforters that are top-of-the-line and worthy to be considered to be given as presents. So, here are some of our recommendations:

  1. Extra-Light Summer Weight Down Blanket ($129.99$324.99)

This luxurious blanket is made up of super lightweight down material. It is trimmed with satin and made with 100% cotton with a 233 thread count filled with 550 fill power white down. It is breathable to ensure comfort, but it will also make sure you remain warm throughout the entire night. It will not shift around in your sleep due to its sewn-through construction and is sure to be perfect for a cool summer night.

  1. Tahoe Medium Weight White Down 400 Thread Count Comforter ($199.99$499.99)

Fancy a comfortable sleep without disturbances? You’re sure to get it when you’re tucked under this blanket! This fluffy, medium weight is great for year-round comfort, for most sleepers, under any climate. It is made up of 550 fill power down with a 400 thread count of sateen shell to prevent down from leaking. It also has sewn-through construction so that the down material won’t shift around. This one is sure to be one of the top contenders for you to check out!

  1. Premium 700 Baffle Box Medium Weight Down Comforter ($404.99$809.99)

This third product of ours is a medium-weight down comforter that is great to sleep with. It is sure to give you slumber so deep and give you wonderful dreams. Perfect for year-round comfort and versatility. It can be used for most sleepers, under any climate. If you don't know how much warmth you need, medium weight is a good place to start. Filled with soft, fluffy, hypoallergenic 700 fill power down, encased in a 300 thread count 100% cotton shell. The result is a comforter so luxurious and supple, you will believe you are truly engulfed with a cloud, night after night.


As the cold season and the holidays approach, sending a gift to warm up our loved ones would definitely be appreciated by them. It would be like sending a hug their way as they engulf themselves with the blankets we offer here at Warm Things. Blankets can be a great consideration as a present to your friends and family because not only is it long-lasting, but it is something that they can use every day. Therefore, it will also be something like a token to remind them of your concern. Check out the following blankets we recommend!

  1. Peacock Alley All Seasons Blanket($149.99)

This sumptuous blanket gives a luxurious feel that’s sure to capture your interest. Furthermore, it is accented with beautifully textured binding and is made up of 100% Egyptian cotton. It has been made in Portugal using all the best materials to give you and your loved ones the best experience you can. It is perfect for all seasons of the entire year and can be used by most sleepers. It is colored naturally without the use of bleaches and dye to prevent and minimize irritation. Finally, if what was previously mentioned isn’t enough, it can be machine washed cold and tumble dried using the low option. This blanket comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate you and your loved ones’ needs.

  1. Extra Light Summer Weight Down Blanket ($129.99$324.99)

Treat yourself with this luxurious down blanket trimmed with satin. This is made up of crisp 100% cotton with 233 thread count shell and filled with 550 fill power white down. It is customized to be breathable but will also ensure to keep the night chill out. Sewn-through construction keeps the down in place so it would not move around. The extra-light material used to fill this weight-down soft-down blanket is perfect for both summer and chilly nights.

  1. Liquid Cotton Woven Blanket($79.49$106.00)

Pamper yourself with one of the coziest and softest blankets on the market. We use the highest quality cotton and make it into a very smooth and soft material that we like call Liquid Cotton. This specific cotton material used for this blanket eliminates the tendency of pilling and snagging which gives you a blanket that is sure to last you a long time. Therefore, this will be perfect for a gift because it will stay with your loved one for a while without the need of changing it out after a year. Furthermore, our signature Liquid Cotton blanket has reduced shrinkage compared to other cotton blankets and has a special feature to regulate your body temperature at night. This makes this blanket versatile because it gives you year-round comfort. Finally, this could be machine washed cold with like colors, as well as tumble dried low. Make sure to advise your friend to neither iron nor bleach this blanket should you give it to them. We hope you can consider this blanket as a present!

Mattress Toppers

Mattress toppers are one of those things that you wouldn’t think you would need until you try them out for yourself. It is something you put for an even comfier night’s sleep as it can help you keep cozy, regulate your body temperature, and even provide extra support through the night. A mattress topper can even extend the longevity of your mattress because it can also serve as a protective barrier on top. Therefore, we think that this can be an out-of-the-box gift idea that you can check out to gift your friends and family.

  1. Baffled Box Feather Bed ($69.99$139.99)

Find solace from your stressful day as you go home to rest on this feather bed. This mattress topper is sure to add instantaneous coziness to your mattress. The baffled box construction gives this topper maximum loft while preventing the feathers from shifting to another place. Furthermore, it gives you further support to relieve your body’s pressure points and avoid muscle soreness when you wake up. We think that this would be a perfect first feather bed to gift a child. We hope you can check this out!

  1. Down Top Baffled Box Feather Bed ($179.99$239.99)

This mattress topper will provide an additional layer of comfort to your bed. We think that this extra snuggly layer will make you feel warm things (pun intended) during the night. The feather and down material used to fill the topper is customized to conform to your body’s contours to provide greater support for a better quality of sleep. The top layer of the down is deliberately constructed to feel soft next to your skin and prevent you from feeling ticklish from the feathers. Finally, the baffled box construction keeps the feather fill in place shelled with 100% cotton to ensure comfort and breathability. This one is definitely for the keeps.

  1. Down Alternative Baffled Box Fiber Bed ($94.99$189.99)

To cap off a stressful day, one should enjoy the cozy warmth and luxury of a fiber bed customized to cradle and insulate the body, while providing needed support. The sumptuous feeling you get from this mattress topper isn’t something you get anywhere else. You can gift this one to a friend that’s prone to allergies because this is made up of hypoallergenic fiberfill shelled inside a soft 100% cotton. Even with the different materials, this alternative still provides all the comfort of a feather bed without compromising your and your loved ones’ experience. 

Conclusion of Bedroom Gifts for the Holidays

As the gift-giving season approaches, we should ensure that we give practical and quality presents that our friends and family will love and appreciate! All of our recommendations can be bought online from our Warm Things website, or you can visit us at any of our store locations which you can find by clicking here.We hope you have a fantastic holiday, and we at Warm Things sincerely wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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