December 03, 2018

Getting a good night’s rest requires more than just a consistent bedtime. In fact, creating the right sleep environment makes a considerable difference. This includes everything from light, room temperature, and even your clothing choices. I think all of us can agree that there’s no better feeling than getting into your pajamas after a long day. What we wear to bed can play a key role in the comfort of our slumber, especially with the changing seasons. We want to be cool enough so that our bodies can sleep peacefully, but warm enough that we are still comfortable.


So, what is the best thing to wear to bed? First and foremost, it’s important to choose sleepwear that feels good when you put it on as everyone has a personal preference. One must also be strategic about what their pajamas are made of. That being said, it all comes down to the fabric.



This all-natural, lightweight fabric is undeniably the most widely used material in the clothing industry. It is breathable and soft, which allows for better air circulation to your skin. It’s also very easy to wash and has the ability to outlast for many years. While there are many pros, cotton does a poor job of insulating so you have a higher chance of getting cold. This fabric is also inefficient at drawing away moisture so if you’re one that sweats while you sleep, it may not be the best choice for you. At Warm Things, we have a selection of 100% cotton robes to keep you toasty. Check them out here.



Wool is made up of natural hair from animals like sheep or goats. When you think of wool, two words may come to mind: warm and itchy. It’s a true fact that many kinds of wool can cause irritation to the skin, but not all do. If you’re looking to stay warm, it is an excellent insulator but may also be too heavy of a material to sleep in depending on your personal preference. To avoid overheating, the amount of insulation you want depends on your sleeping environment, so choose the weight and weave of your fabric accordingly so you don’t get too hot at night.



For colder months like these, a pair of pajamas made from flannel may be what you need. This material is soft, comfortable, and provides warmth and breathability, so it can help you stay toasty without overheating. Flannel is made of a lighter woven polyester and cotton combination that comes in a variety of different weights and thickness so it is perfect for any type of sleeper. This type of sleep attire would best be worn during cooler weather as they may be too hot to wear in the warmer seasons.



Silk is a natural protein fiber made from the cocoons of silkworms, and is definitely the most luxurious sleepwear. It is incredibly soft, durable, and is an excellent thermoregulator, keeping you cool when it is warm and warm when it is cool. That being said, these are a top contender for being the most ideal pajamas, however caring for them can be costly as they require dry cleaning. Silk can absorb a lot of moisture so if you easily sweat, it can become stained so this material is not recommended for all.


Dress yourself down to your toes

You’ve now learned about the best types of fabrics to buy when it comes to sleep attire. While pajamas keep our bodies warm, don’t forget about those feet! Slippers are helpful in keeping our feet warm and maintaining good blood flow. Check out our selection of slippers here. Finally, as winter approaches, help keep yourself cozy and toasty by visiting Warm Things to see all the wonderful products we have to offer!

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