November 26, 2018

There are many elements that go into making a great bed. Constructing a masterpiece that is both cozy and comfortable goes beyond the mattress. Assembling a bed is like building a sandwich, it’s what’s inside that is the most significant. The same is true when it comes to our beds. You can dress them to match your style, passions, etc. It ultimately becomes a work of art and there are endless creative possibilities. However, the thing that remains unchanged comes down to the products and their purpose.



Just like the bread on our sandwich, the mattress is the starting foundation. When it comes to buying a bed, everyone has a personal preference: firm vs. soft. To enhance your mattress and quality of sleep, consider purchasing a pad or topper as these help to provide additional comfort and support. To help make it last, buying a mattress protector can help in waterproofing, preventing allergens and bed beds, and providing temperature control. Unprotected mattresses can actually double in weight after ten years due to the accumulation of millions of dust mites. At Warm Things, we offer a large selection of products to help improve and protect your mattress. Find them here



Sheets are probably the most fundamental feature when it comes to obtaining luxury, and acts as our meat on the sandwich. It’s important to find sheets that combine an appropriate thread count and cotton consistency. Typically, a higher thread count means that the sheet will be smoother and finer, but cotton actually makes all the difference. When choosing sheets, trust yourself and if it feels good, buy it. A comfortable, yet affordable choice would be to purchase either percale or sateen sheets. Natural materials like cotton, linen, and silk breathe well, with the thread count being between 200-600. To view our assortment of sheets, click here.



We then arrive to the top layer of the bread to our sandwich, the piece that blankets everything together. Your options can change depending on the season between duvet, comforter, or quilt. Our blankets are also where we can get the most creative in our design. It is what brings the overall look of our bed together. The style of comforter and duvet can range from down, down alternative, or feather. Choosing the best choice, depends on the type of sleeper you are and your specific room temperature. Warm Things has created a chart to help you determine the best level of comforter to purchase. To learn more and see what we have in stock, click here.



Finally, we’re at the pillows, which almost act as the condiment on our sandwich. They’re a necessity to bring it all together. As with your mattress, comfort and support are both important in selecting the right pillow. The best pillow is one that feels comfortable and supports your head, neck, and shoulders. At Warm Things we have categorized our pillows into levels, depending on your sleep positioning: side, back, stomach. We offer down, down fill, alternative, and feather pillows options. See our selection here.


Remember, have fun when it comes to designing your perfect bed but shop smart when it comes to creating it. Warm Things can help in ensuring you’re sleeping on the best and obtaining that perfect nights rest!


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