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When it comes to bedding, the amount of choices you are presented with can be a bit overwhelming. Sleep is an essential part of our everyday lives so it’s just as important to get the right bedding to ensure we get a good night’s rest. While the deciding factor is based on personal preference, if you are looking to upgrade your bedding and want the best support, down is the best…hands down!


What is down?

Down is a natural and efficient byproduct that comes from geese or ducks. After the animal has passed, the feathers are removed, cleaned, and recycled into a variety of products, including pillows, comforters, duvets, mattress pads, jackets, etc. At Warm Things, our down products are responsibly. You can read more about our process here.


What are the benefits of down?

The reason down is considered one of the best bedding options is because of all the benefits it provides. Whether you are shopping for a down pillow or comforter, here are some of the reasons to consider down as your next bedding purchase:

  • Support: down pillows have the ability to form to the curve of your head and neck, providing customized support, regardless of your sleep position
  • Breathability: unlike most synthetic materials, down naturally wicks away moisture, making it breathable and allowing for consistent airflow
  • Warmth: the filaments in down interlock and create a protective pocket of air that traps warmth and releases cold air, making it the best natural insulator and ideal for all seasons
  • Softness: down products are exceptionally soft and fluffy so you’ll always be cozy
  • Eco-friendly: feathers are an environmentally friendly option being that they are natural and biodegradable


How do I care for my down products?

Besides being extremely comfortable, with the proper care and cleaning, down products can last up to 10-20 years. In order to make the most of your product, use a zippered pillow protector and pillowcase. This will aid in keeping natural body oils from absorbing into the feathers. When it comes to washing down products, make sure to read the label and follow the precise instructions accordingly.


The popularity of down products continues to grow daily. While your bedding selection depends on your needs and what you like best, we can guarantee that down is always a great choice and will have you resting comfortably for years to come. Right now, at Warm Things, we are currently having a sale on many of our down products. You can save 50% on down comforters or buy one down pillow and get a second one for 50% off! Plus, if you spend $39 or more, your shipping is FREE! Visit www.warmthingsonline.com now!

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Lloyd Bronson
Lloyd Bronson

September 08, 2019

The part where your article mentions warmth as an important benefit of a down comforter is something that I appreciate you brought to light. As someone who lives in an area that gets quite cold in the winter, I have been looking into down comforters in order to see if one would be a beneficial addition to my nighttime ritual. I think that I will further consider the other prospects that this type of bedding provides such as breathability and softness in order to decide if they will work with my bed. https://downtowncompany.com/product-category/comforters/down-comforters/

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