November 15, 2017

Most people’s knowledge about bedding isn’t very extensive. After all, we want to sleep in our beds, not learn every little thing about what goes into making them so incredibly comfortable, right? While this may be the case, you can actually find even more comfort when you do know a bit here and there about what sorts of materials are used in your down comforter. One of the most important things to know when you are shopping for a down comforter regards the fill power.

What is Fill Power?

When we talk about fill power, we are referring to the amount of space that one ounce of down(at its maximum loft) will take up in cubic inches. The higher the fill power number is, the larger the down cluster is. What’s the benefit of having a large down cluster? The larger the down cluster is, the higher the loft will be, making it softer to sleep on as well as warmer and more durable.

If you are in for a big and fluffy down comforter that will make your bed feel like a cloud, you will want a comforter with a high fill power. This will allow you to get the best night’s sleep possible, which is something we all are striving to do, isn’t it? To find the very best in down comforters, visit the Warm Things online store today and pick out the perfect down comforter for you and your bed. You won’t find a better selection anywhere else!

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