May 13, 2019

For someone who writes for a bedding company, I’ll be brutally honest with my readers when I say that my own bedding at home certainly doesn’t live up to expectations of luxury. I am the type of shopper that buys the “bed in a bag” and two pack of pillows at discount stores like Marshall’s or Home Goods. I spend week after week analyzing the bedding industry, and more specifically the value of the products at Warm Things. Today’s blog will be very different than my other pieces because this time I am writing about my own personal experience when switching from standard to extravagant. I will be answering the pressing question on all my blog readers minds: is luxury bedding worth the price tag?

To fully grasp the concept, I will share a little about me and my bedding background. I love sleep and my bed is my safe haven. I enjoy being comfortable and I LOVE pillows. They’re my absolute favorite part of my bedding and I usually sleep with two or three. Why? Because most of my pillows fall flat…literally! Yes, I will admit, what I sleep on can be a bit embarrassing. I knew I had to change because there are some things you should just not go cheap on and one of those is your well-being.


Quality vs. Quantity

To make it fair game, I bought two brand new pillows, purchasing a Hotel Elite Premium Luxury Pillow and comparing it with Warm Things Supremium Medium Hungarian Goose Down Pillow. One thing I love about Warm Things is that they create their pillows to meet the needs of all types of sleepers based on their positioning. I am a side sleeper so I enjoy a thicker pillow to keep my head and neck aligned throughout the night. Based on how I sleep, I chose a level 3 medium-firm design. The hypoallergenic pillow was produced with 700 Fill Power Hungarian Goose Down and a 390 Thread Count 100% Down Proof Cotton Shell. The Hotel Elite Pillow was also hypoallergenic and made with a 100% polyester batting filling and coated with an 88% polyester and 12% nylon blend.


My Thoughts

I’ll tell you off the bat, I have NEVER owned anything with goose down and my first thought when receiving the Supremium Pillow was, “What have I been missing all these years?” WOW! The quality is extremely apparent the moment you lay eyes on the pillow. As you run your hand across the surface, you are overcome with a sensation of luxury and comfort.

During my first night of sleep, I quickly realized that you melt into the pillow, as opposed to just lying on top of it. The Supremium Medium Goose Down Pillow conforms to your head as you lie down to sleep, whereas the Hotel Elite just stays in formation. The Hotel Elite Pillow was nice but definitely did not have the same consistency and cloud like feel as the Supremium.  

I typically wake up each morning with neck pain and since using the Supremium Medium Hungarian Goose Down Pillow, I have been waking up with no discomfort at all. It is now clear that my pain was associated with the type of pillow I had been using.


Is it worth it?

The Supremium Pillow price tag will run you $192.99, while the Hotel Elite Premium Luxury pillow was only $17 for a pair of two. The difference in quality was immediately obvious. The truth is your “cheap” pillows need to be replaced much more often and for more reasons than we let on. When we buy cheap, the quality shows. Our pillows quickly fall flat and “weigh down.” The added weight is actually an accumulation of skin cells, dust mites, dirt, oils, and more.

Average pillows should be replaced every year because if not, they become lumpy, bumpy, and downright, gross! When you spend more, they’ll last longer. Not only that, you will be much more comfortable and back and neck pain will be alleviated. Quality over quantity because in the end, since you spend one third of your life in bed, you only deserve the best.


Now is your chance to sleep as comfortably as I do! Warm Things is running a tier sale on ALL down pillows! Spend $50 get 10%, spend $75 get 15%, or spend $100 or more and get 20% off! I hope you find the pillow of your dreams, I know I did!

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