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Let’s address the great bedding debate: do you really need a top sheet? Some people appreciate the top sheet as it lends itself as a protective cover over your fitted sheet, while others see it as an unnecessary expense that just gets tangled up in the bed. Once considered essential to proper bed-making, top sheets are slowly becoming obsolete. Many bed-makers ask, why is it going out of style and what difference does a top sheet make to our beds?


Why you should ditch it

So, what’s the big deal with having a top sheet? Many former users argue that it invariably ends up in a twisted wad towards the lower end of the bed each morning. What’s more, the top sheet adds time to the bed-making process as well, whereas repositioning a duvet-only bed takes barely two flicks of the wrist—never requiring that you actually walk around the entire bed once or twice to get it just right. Millennials seem to be the reason the top sheet is no longer being used much today. It seems their preference lies in utilizing a duvet cover.


Why you should keep it

There’s no argument that top sheets can be a hassle when it comes to our bed-making routine, however there’s a reason they existed in the first place. Bottom line, a top sheet is used to help fight against the bacteria that overcome our bedding on a daily basis. Over time dander, dust, bodily fluids, lint, germs, and dirt accumulate, making our beds pretty unsanitary. No matter how clean your body may be, it’s unavoidable. This linen also offers superior temperature adjustment capabilities throughout the night. Ultimately it acts as a barrier between your body and comforter. Top sheet supporters alike argue that the 30 seconds longer it takes to make the bed is really no big deal.


Where do you stand?

Back in March of 2018, USA Today held a Twitter poll asking followers if they are top sheet users. The results revealed that 70% of sleepers today still use a top sheet, while 27% do not. Oddly, 3% of people polled don’t use sheets at all. We decided to do the same and recently held a poll on our Instagram page @WarmThingsOnline. It was determined that 61% of our users do still use a top sheet. Apparently, the trend isn’t completely dead.


Let’s settle the debate

As many opinions as there are on top sheets, there doesn’t seem to be a right answer in terms of whether they’re actually necessary. It really comes down to a matter of personal preference. Without a top sheet, you have to wash your duvet as often as you wash your fitted sheet and pillowcases. So, if you really hate having to get your duvet back into the cover, you probably don’t want to wash it that often, making the top sheet a more appealing choice in your bed-making.

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George Loving
George Loving

September 08, 2019

I am back looking for a fitted top sheet because it is easier to keep tucked in. It seems everyone discontinued them.

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