January 13, 2020

Comforter, quilt, duvet, blanket…with so many options, where does one begin? There’s no doubt that the bedding aisle can appear a bit overwhelming, especially when there’s such a large variety with many serving the same purpose. In today’s bedding debate, we debunk the difference between a quilt and comforter to help you decide for yourself which one is better.



  • Production: Traditionally, quilts are created in three layers: a top, batting, and bottom. The top is what truly makes a quilt stand out and usually features a unique design or patchwork. Batting is essentially the center and the fill is typically a material like wool, down, or polyester. The bottom of a quilt holds all the components together and is usually a single piece of fabric.
  • What makes them so special?: Quilts are definitely a more bold and colorful option if you are looking for something a little more exciting in the bedroom. They can help liven up the space and allows for a more versatile bedding option.
  • Pros: A quilt is the perfect choice for hot sleepers as it is a much lighter and thinner material compared to a comforter.
  • Cons: To get enough warmth, a single quilt is usually not enough so you may need multiple layers depending on the type of sleeper you are. Quilts are often very delicate so you’ll likely need to get them professionally cleaned.




  • Production: A comforter consists of two pieces of identical material sewn together in a grid formation. Most often they feature a sewn-through or baffle box construction and are usually filled with down or a down alternative.
  • What makes them so special?: Comforters are without a doubt much fluffier than quilts so they are extremely soft and comfortable.
  • Pros: They are a much warmer option when it comes to bedding and provide good insulation, no matter the season. They are also much easier to wash and care for.
  • Cons: Comforters are a much simpler option and patterns may not be as unique as a quilt. Since many are made with down, for those that have allergies, a comforter may not be the option for you. If that’s the case, consider a down alternative.


Which option is better?

Well, truth is, like most bedding, it’s entirely up to you. No one is better than the other and it really depends on your personal preference and the type of sleeper you are. Quilts are ideal for hot sleepers, while comforters are best for those that are colder at night. If you like bold, quilts may fit your personality better. If you want to feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud, buy a comforter. No matter which one you choose, we guarantee your bed will thank you! What do you use at home and which one do you prefer: comforter or quilt? Comment below!

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