November 20, 2017

Creating the perfect sheet for people to sleep on is no easy feat. It does, however, come down to one very important and overlying factor: fabric. When choosing textiles, it is our goal to pick out the right ones. The ones that will allow you to sleep at a comfortable temperature, without itching, while they also remain durable. Even so, once the right fabric has been chosen, the weave of the fabric can also make a difference. Two of the main kinds of weaves you will find in sheets are sateen and percale. Let’s discuss the difference between the two so that you can choose the right sheet for you the next time you are shopping for new bedding.

What is Percale?

A Percale weave can be compared to that of a button-down shirt. It is clean, crisp and extremely comfortable as it does not make the sheet heavy. These sheets also become softer the more times they are put through the wash. These properties can be chalked up to the tightness of the weave. It is accomplished with a classic one-thread-over-the-other method. These sheets are great for all seasons as they are breathable and cool to the touch.

What is Sateen?

Sateen, alternatively, is a bit more sophisticated as it create a more luxurious sleeping experience.This weave is a bit more complicated as it involves a method that goes four-under-one over. Because of this, the material has a shiny appearance and a silk-like texture. This makes your bed comfortable for sleeping in all seasons as well, but adds that extra touch of velvety softness in comparison to the percale sheets.

Regardless of which you prefer, we know you will have sweet dreams when you purchase sateen or percale sheets from Warm Things. Start shopping our online sheet selection today!

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