September 27, 2018

Your body language can reveal a great deal about your personality, health, and thoughts… even in bed! The average adult spends one-third of their life sleeping and the way you do it can tell us a lot about ourselves. There is more to it than just sleeping on your stomach, left, right, and back side. It is important to note that these results are not backed by scientific research, but more so from studies of unique individuals, like you. Below are some of the most popular positions and their meanings, as well as the best type of pillows for your sleep style:

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Side Sleeper

  • Log: Sleeps on their side with their legs extended straight and arms in place.
While it may appear uncomfortable to most, 15% of individuals are log sleepers and it’s the second most common slumber position. Those that sleep in this way are considered easy-going, social, and friendly. However, since they tend to be trusting of people, they can appear a bit gullible. This position keeps your neck and back in alignment, making it one of the best ways to sleep if you are experiencing pain.
  • Yearner: Sleeps on their side with their arms stretched out in front of them.

People who sleep in this position are a mix of everything, being both relaxed, open-minded, and pessimistic. They second guess their own decisions, yet never lose sight of their dreams (and not just the ones we have at night). Nonetheless, those that sleep in a yearning position are said to be good and reliable friends.


At Warm Things, our customers are often faced with the choice of what type of pillow to buy based on the way they rest their heads at night. The truth of the matter is that our positioning can say a lot about the type of comfort we need. While everyone is different, if you are a side sleeper, consider a level 3 - 4 pillow for extra firmness and comfortability.

Back Sleeper
  • Soldier: Sleeps on their back with their arms straight down at their side.

8% sleep in this position and are usually referred to as quiet and reserved. They may also expect others to adhere to their strict morals and high standards, as well as take themselves too seriously. This is also considered one of the best ways to sleep because it allows your back and neck to be properly aligned.   

  • Starfish/Shooting Star: Sleeps on their back with their legs stretched out and arms above their head.

Starfish sleepers may take up a majority of the bed but they are considered caring, loyal friends, and are always eager to lend a helping hand. They prefer not to be the center of attention, and their strong listening skills make them a wonderful support system. At 5%, these types of sleepers are the least popular of the position styles, which makes them one of a kind, just like a shooting star!

Stomach Sleeper
  • Skydiver/Freefall: Sleeps on their stomach with their head to one side and their arms wrapped around behind a pillow.

As you’d expect from a name like “skydiver,” those that sleep in this position have relatively carefree, open, playful, and fun personalities. These style of sleepers may also be considered bold and anxious when faced with uncomfortable situations.

  • Fetal: Sleeps on their side with their legs curled up underneath them.

Fetal is one of the most common sleep positions at 41%. More than twice as many women as men tend to sleep like a “baby.” Fetal sleepers are often referred to as being personable, relaxed, and sensitive, which makes sense considering this type of position allows the individual to feel a sense of comfort. Furthermore, they are often constant worriers that overthink on a daily basis. It is hands down the best type of sleep style for aligning your spine and alleviating back pain.


Back and stomach sleepers typically benefit from a level 1 - 2 pillow based on softness. These pillows are ideal for these types of sleepers because they tend to need less support due to there being minimal space between their head and mattress.


So, what do you think? Did any of these positions pinpoint your personality? Comment below and let us know! Also, make sure to check out our selection of pillows based on the way you sleep at night by clicking here.

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