October 13, 2021

Sleep Issues and Quick Fixes: A Guide to Getting Better Sleep

As the year comes to a close and we welcome a new year, we should celebrate this next chapter of life with a smile on our faces and joy in our hearts. We can only do this when we let go of our stress and take a break from our constant worries. One consequence these troublesome problems can cause is difficulty sleeping and maintaining sleep. Due to this, our days subsequently get ruined and the joy we ought to have felt is snatched away from the tips of our fingers - just because we are cranky and get easily annoyed. More than that, the lack of sleep causes people to be unproductive in their daily lives which should never be the case.

Here at Warm Things, we take special consideration of these problems and we want to help you resolve them. You deserve the best sleep you can have, so we compiled a quick guide to better improve your sleep. We took into consideration some of the most common problems that may cause sleep deprivation, and we offered some tips and advice to help you address them.

sleep issues and how to fix them

Keep calm

Before anything... Keep calm! In a lot of instances, sleep evades you because there’s too much going on in your life both physically and mentally. The key to having a restful sleep is to stop doing active work before going to sleep. This would occupy your mind which will consequently lead to a domino effect of overthinking and hyperactive thoughts.

To address these issues, we recommend that you stop working at least an hour before going to sleep. You should start “cooling down” and reset your system as your bedtime approaches. Furthermore, we suggest that you cut off all sources of caffeine and its derivatives after noontime. This specific chemical has a physiological effect on your body which “activates” it and makes it hyperactive; it physically makes you want to stay awake and alert. So, the best way to combat it is to avoid it altogether (which is hard, since most of us love coffee! But you have to do it so you can have a better rest as you sleep).

Finally, a good meditation to calm your mind and spirit would be effective in helping you achieve a good night’s sleep. The problem that might cause you loss of sleep may not just be physical, but mental as well. Meditation can help you center yourself and be able to achieve a “peaceful” state, which will then result in you calming down. You should take the time and pamper yourself with a quick meditative moment to help you destress which subsequently improves your sleep. We hope that all of these efforts that you ought to do will ultimately invite the best sleep that you can have.

Physical barriers that prevent a fulfilling sleep

Aside from the above mentioned reason that prevents you from achieving a fruitful sleep, there may be tangible, physical reasons that deprive you of a good night’s sleep. This may be some bodily pains, snoring, body temperature, or actual insomnia. These things may be some of the reasons why your sleep is not the best that it could be, but here at Warm Things, we try our best to help you with your problems.

Disclaimer: These suggestions are not meant to be medical advice, and if you think that there may be a medical reason underlying your lack of sleep, please visit your physician to have yourself checked. These suggestions are mere ideas and propositions that you can try out that may potentially help improve your sleep during the evening.

Bodily pains causing sleep loss

Do you have a worse night because your body is in pain? You try to go to sleep, but your back or your nape hurts? In a 2018 research, Frontiers in Psychiatry have reported and found a link that associates insomnia and chronic pain as having a bidirectional relationship. It means that each problem mutually reinforces each other; insomnia or lack of sleep causes you to have more bodily pain, and you may end up sleeping worse because of experiencing pain and discomfort.

In the same research, they said that between 50 to 88% of people who have experiences of chronic or persistent pain also complained of insomnia. This means that body pain is one major factor that causes you to lose your sleep. We do not want you to continue experiencing that and Warm Things is here to help you address this problem. Here are some of our suggestions:

  1. 1. Find a good pillow that suits your needs. Try to gauge your body and see what needs to be changed. In the case of pillows, the general rule of thumb is that you need to have your head aligned with your neck and backbone. You should use a pillow that will provide sufficient support for you to achieve this desired sleeping posture. Warm Things offer a lot of options for you to check out!
  2. Premium 700 Soft Down Pillow ($130.19$216.99): Our Premium 700 Soft Down Pillow is a level 2 category pillow. It is made to suit stomach and side sleepers who prefer softer pillows. Specifically, this type of pillow is made for people whose posture is mostly straight and would simply need minimal support to maintain that posture through the night. This will help you minimize your effort to position yourself as you sleep, but also help ensure that you would not wake up sore and restless.
  3. Premium 700 Medium Down Pillow ($100.19$166.99)The Premium 700 Medium Down Pillow is a level 3 category pillow. It is made up of our signature down material with 700 fill power. The composition is of crisp, 300 thread count material which has been proven to be a good material. This pillow will allow you to have a restful evening while laying on moderately dense and plump support that is perfect for people whose posture arch a little bit. Compared to the Premium 700 Soft Down Pillow, this particular variety is made to be more supportive for your head and neck. Be sure to check this out!
  4. Soft Down Pillow ($65.39 $108.99)The Soft Down Pillow is a level 1 category pillow made up of down with 550 fill power, shelled with 100% cotton material. It has a 300 thread count and uses imported hypoallergenic materials to cater to everyone who wants to try it out. The pillow itself is recommended for stomach sleepers because their sleeping posture lends itself to this kind of pillow. This pillow uncompromisingly provides you support and comfort at the same time. This type of pillow suits people whose sleeping postures need minimal correction and support since this Soft Down Pillow is comparatively softer than the two aforementioned pillow varieties.
  5. Use a weighted blanket: In a lot of instances, people have found that weighted blankets help with stress relief, anxiety, and in some instances, even pain. This is not a mere coincidence because, in the research reported by the Journal of Pain in 2021, weighted blankets may produce reductions in pain by interfering with the body’s capacity to perceive pain. In the same research, it was shown that a 15-pound weighted blanket provided better pain reduction than a 5-pound weighted blanket, especially in highly anxious individuals. This means that weighted blankets may help you with your sleep. In this light, Warm Things is currently offering a massive 40% discount on our German Batiste Baffled Box Heavy Weight White Hungarian Goose Down Comforter. You would save $560.00 if you get it now.
  6. German Batiste Baffled Box Heavy Weight White Hungarian Goose Down Comforter ($839.99 $1,399.99)Made in our North California HQ, this comforter is made up of Hungarian Goose Down material with 800 fill power. It is wrapped with a German batiste shell and has a 365 thread count. Finally, it is made up of hypoallergenic materials to ensure that this variety can be used by everyone. This very luxurious and supple comforter is sure to help you with your body pain so that you wake up to a great morning.

Body pain is one of the biggest problems that separate you and a night of great rest, so we hope that with these suggestions, you get to experience a better sleep!

Body temperature can interfere with your sleep, too!

Pain is just one factor that may impact the quality of your sleep. Another example is the type of sleeper you are. Warm Things would group sleepers into four broad classes: Always Warm, Warm to Normal, Normal to Cold, and Always Cold. Knowing your body and what group you belong to is a step you should take to achieve better sleep. This will help you buy the correct things to aid you in facilitating a better rest and minimize the struggles you may potentially face that prevent it.

We compiled a quick guide on choosing the correct type of comforter based on the type of sleeper you are. We hope that this will help you in getting a good night’s sleep! You can check it out here.

Here are some sleeping products we recommend:

  1. Warm Things Quilted Down Robes ($149.99 $299.99): This sleepwear helps with both the warm and cold sleepers as its luxurious material helps keep the warmth in and the cold air out. It is made up of 300 thread count, 100% cotton sateen fabric to ensure breathability and comfort.
  1. Extra-Light Summer Weight Down Blanket ($129.99$324.99): This luxurious blanket is made up of super lightweight down material. Trimmed with satin and is made with 100% cotton with 233 thread count filled with 550 fill power white down, this blanket will surely keep you warm throughout the night if you’re a cold sleeper. However, it is breathable enough to ensure comfort, so warm sleepers would not be compromised when they try this product out!

    Finally, the blanket will not shift around in your sleep due to its sewn-through construction. This also prevents the down filling to move around from one spot of the comforter to another. This product is a blockbuster, so be sure to take a peek using the link above.
  1. Tahoe Medium Weight White Down 400 Thread Count Comforter ($199.99$499.99): A comfortable sleep without disturbances sounds like such a dream, right? You’re sure to get it when you’re tucked under this blanket! This fluffy, medium weight is great for year-round comfort, for most sleepers, under any climate. It is made up of 550 fill power down with a 400 thread count of sateen shell to prevent down from leaking. It also has sewn-through construction so that the down material won’t shift around. The material is versatile enough that it can cater to any type of sleepers, so this one is sure to be one of the top contenders for you to check out. 
  1. German Batiste Baffled Box Heavy Weight White Hungarian Goose Down Comforter ($839.99 $1,399.99): This was already recommended above, but for cold sleepers in particular, this one is definitely going to be a good option. Aside from the pain-relief benefit that this weighted blanket may offer, its material may also help keep the chilly winds away. Gone are the cold evenings with our signature German Batiste Baffled Box Heavy Weight White Hungarian Goose Down Comforter. 

Snoring and insomnia

Both of these are perennial problems that haunt everyone at some point. They usually sign that your daily life is probably too stressful and you are probably biting off more than you can chew. Emotional distress, exhaustion, and trauma may also contribute to this problem. The primary thing we can suggest for you to resolve these problems is to attempt to prioritize the things that are important. Recognize that you may be going through something and therefore, you should adjust your life accordingly.

Conclusion of Sleep Issues and Quick Fixes: A Guide to Getting Better Sleep

The point here is that you should think of your needs and put yourself first. It is not selfish to love yourself. Everyone should make it a point to prioritize yourself especially when things are getting too difficult. All these challenges may manifest themselves in places you don’t expect, like during evenings when you’re trying to sleep. For this reason, Warm Things would like to remind you that your rest and your sleep are important, and we hope that you get a good quality sleep because you deserve it.

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