July 22, 2019

There is no doubt that the summer season is at its peak and that means you may be finding yourself desperate for some air and cooler temperatures. Sure, you can get an AC unit or a fan but there is one FREE thing you can do that will not only keep you cool, but is also beneficial to your sleep and health… forget those pajamas and sleep naked!

While sleeping nude comes down to personal preference and comfortability, there are actually an abundance of health benefits to losing your clothes and gaining a better night’s sleep.


1. Fall asleep faster

Regulating your body temperature is key to falling asleep. When you cool down your body, you are telling it that it’s time rest. Therefore, when you remove your clothing, you are better able to decrease your body temperature. In addition, it aids in better sleep quality since you are cooler and more relaxed.


2. Reduce stress & anxiety

There is a definite correlation between poor sleep habits and stress. When we don’t get a good night’s rest, our mood is greatly affected and there is a higher chance of falling into a depressive state. Getting sufficient sleep is crucial and sleeping naked can aid in feeling better overall.


3. Prevent weight gain

When we don’t get an adequate amount on sleep, we can potentially gain more weight. When we keep our body cooler at night, this helps in boosting our calorie burning abilities, therefore preventing weight gain.


4. Lower risk of health conditions

It’s no surprise that sleep is an important factor in being healthy. When we don’t get enough rest, there is a higher risk of diabetes and heart disease, hence why proper sleep is so important


5. Boost self-esteem

When it comes down to it, sleeping naked is not just better for your health, but it’s a great way to feel confident in your own body and promote self-love


So, strip down and get your snooze on! Even if you aren’t comfortable sleeping completely naked, consider reducing the number of layers you wear at night. It will help make a difference. At Warm Things, we recently polled our Instagram followers and only 16% reported that they sleep naked on a daily basis. Are you ready to uncover better sleep? Post your thoughts below!

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