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Today we are diving into the truth about our bedding, revealing the biggest secrets about what’s beneath the covers. As we count down to the new year, we are going to drop the ball on some of the most common misconceptions when it comes to our bedding. It is time to put those myths to sleep. Let the countdown begin:


  1. You don’t need to wash new sheets before use: When coming home with new bedding, you should always wash them first before using them. Normally, when they’re in packaging, there are irritants that can get on them, causing irritation to the skin.


  1. You only need to wash your bedding monthly: Being that we spend a great deal of our time in bed, sheets should be washed each week. It may not be visible to the human eye but dead skin cells and oils build up on fabric so bedding maintenance is a must.


  1. Bedding will last forever: Sure, you can use a comforter or sheet for a long time but it won’t retain the same quality. Did you know what many bedding sets have an expiration date? Experts recommend replacing your bedding every 18 to 24 months.


  1. Wrinkle-free sheets are better: If you have a sheet that says “wrinkle-free” or “easy care,” chances are the fabric has been treated with a permanent and toxic chemical called formaldehyde resin. It’s best to stay away from sheets like these.


  1. Wash your sheets with your towels: They may both be the color white, but washing your sheets with towels can be problematic. Towels create a lot of lint and friction, which clings to your sheets and wears them down, reducing their lifespan.


  1. Use a heavy-duty detergent: Using a heavy-duty detergent to wash your bedding can cause damage to your sheets, even more so if they’re of a high-quality material. Using a gentle detergent is suggested and will help your bedding last longer.


  1. Use the hottest cycle: Using hot water to wash your sheets will actually affect its quality and rapidly break down the fibers. To ensure this doesn’t happen, wash your bedding on the delicate cycle with cool water.


  1. Good sheets will last for years: Like clothing, repeated washing will cause bedsheets to fray and lose its softness. Sheets should be replaced every two years.


  1. All materials are the same: No fabric is the same and each is woven differently. There are many different types to choose from: cotton, percale, sateen, etc. Some bedsheets are softer than others, while others can trap heat or keep you cool. All of this can help determine the quality of sleep you’re getting.


  1. Higher thread count means better quality: Many people equate thread count to a sheet’s worth, however this is actually a marketing ploy and is almost always misrepresented. The truth is, the quality of thread matters most, not the count. The longer the length of fiber, the better the sheet.

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Joney Swift
Joney Swift

January 17, 2019

Could you tell me the finished measurement of the full flat sheet?
Thank you

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